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  1. Thanks for your quick response. If they sell it, i'll make sure to end it in the next court case , because it'll be more than enough ambigous for me to win the case with prejudice, if they motion to refile, i can block it with a motion to compel, and ask for with prejudice...Does that sound good? if I get a 1099-c form can I refute it by calling it invalid?
  2. Hey guys, sorry to make another topic, ( I like to post kind of scattered with limited info just in case my opponents try to search me ) It's been some time since this has happened, but I was sued in NJ by a junk debt collector. I did a lot of research, sent out discovery and interrogatories. Which they never answered, the court day came and I was ready to fight tooth and nail, and they didn't show! ...It got dismissed (without prejudice I'm sure ) I got a call a few days later from the JDB, threatening to embarrass me in court the following day, ( she thought our court date was at a later time. ) I laughed a bit and told them "No I think i'll be just fine." A few days later I moved to CT, and filed change of address well ahead of time. I had gotten a letter from the JDB informing me my case was agreed between me and them that the was dismissed without injury to ethier of us. ( I already knew that....but they sent me a letter like we agreed on it, plus they got the date wrong for the courtdate this was decided on. ) So do you think I've won? I havn't heard anything from them and I havn't been served with anything else, I'm wondering if some mail might have went to my old address? ...I figure if something went through without me knowing I could easily undo it. Anyway I can look up my case and make sure it stays inactive? I wonder if i was too much trouble for them to bother with. Well to be fair I was ready to launch a vicious defense at them, and build up to counter sue, maybe they got the hint?
  3. Say for instance...If I'm in NJ currently is there anyway to have it fall under SOL VA where it was originally signed? Or NH where the original credit was issued? Both have a favorable SOL date but not in NJ where I currently live, also the alleged original card would have theoretically defaulted back in 2003-2004, that's when the SOL starts correct? I don't believe it's known when the SOL is, unless the JDB provides the original contract, to link me to this alleged debt, I'm not even sure what the SOL state would be. Wouldn't using SOL without knowing if it's accurate put me in danger of admitting to this debt?
  4. I wanted to revise and remake my topic, to make it less search able by my opposition. Basically I'm being sued by Pa1i5ad3s ( the numbers are to make it less searchable by my opponent ) in NJ, Plaintiff's statement. I neglected to send a DV in the worry that they might twist information against me. I got my court summons on the 3rd. I'll take all the help and resources I can get. I plan to answer the complaint with... Does that sound right? I basically monkey wrenched some answers I found on this forum already. Should I save the SOL and other defenses until they are somehow able to prove I do indeed owe them? What exactly do they need to prove their case?
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