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  1. Hello everybody! I am new to the forums and appreciate the assistance with the following two items: 1. I received a letter from ER Solutions, Inc., in WA. It is dated 01/15/09. The letter indicates that they are a "collection agency" and that they are trying to collect in full an AT&T bill. At the time I received this letter, I didn't do anything (I had never received one of these). After reading yesterday in the forums about a validation letter request, do you think it would be too late to request such validation? Upon reading the CA letter again, I noticed in the back of the letter that it says "Unless you notify this office within 30 days after receiving this notice that you dispute the validity of this debt, this office will assume that the debt is valid." 2. I have fallen behind in paying a CitiBank credit card for more than, I believe, six months now. I called them yesterday to explain that my family and I continue to face financial hardships. They tried to fit me in a repayment plan at 9.9%, but I told them that I wanted to settle this account. The lady told me that they would be willing to take 40% of the $9,700 due. I told them that all I could pay them was 20 cents to a dollar. She consulted with her supervisor and came back to the phone to tell me that they had accepted my offer! She said that I could pay the new balance in three installments, but that I would have to set up the new payment plan before the 10th of this month ('cause of the cycling period). She also said that my credit report would show a "Settled" explanation and that I would be receiving a 1099-C form. Does all of this sound too good to be true? I didn't agree to anything and said that I would call later. Is there something else I should do to ensure the validity of their acceptance? All of this was done over the phone, so I was going to call her again today to ask for her e-mail and go over the details to have a trail of paperwork. Will appreciate any replies to these two concerns.
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