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  1. Hi, I bought a car that I don't really like and I want to trade it for something that costs pretty much the same. I still owe $5,600 on the car and it was an $8000 car. Will the bank let me do this???? I have only had the car less than a week. I got the loan from a credit union and my credit score isn't that great. Also if the bank does let me do this, will it hurt my credit really bad? (I don't mind paying more for the other car and am aware I will loose a little money but to me its worth it to be able to drive something I like.)
  2. oh and yes my roommate was on the lease as well!
  3. well I don't know if they are suing both of us. All I know is the total amount is showing up on MY credit report. I am thinking I just got unlucky and they picked ME to pin the debt on.
  4. thanks thomass!! I love your creative use of icons!!!
  5. Ok thanks!! I want to offer the apartment complex 50% of the debt because I had a room-mate and don't feel I should pay for both of us...because she was on the lease too. I want to ask them to take it off my CR if I pay my half. Do you think they will do this? Do i need to write a contract or settlement agreement for this?
  6. My old apartment complex reported me to a CA for $748. If I pay the CA will it be erased from my credit report or will it still show up on there? Also how fast do they erase it? I need to buy a car asap. and I was thinking if I paid this debt off, I could get a better deal on a loan. What do you think?
  7. My ex-roomate has not made any payments and I don't even know if its on her credit report or not. She was also unaware of any charges until they showed up on my credit report and i told her about it. So maybe they are just going after me. Can I make them split it up and put it on both our accounts? because I don't know if she can pay?
  8. younglady

    Star Trek

    I am going to see the new star trek tonight! yay im excited!!!!
  9. My former apartments reported me to a CA three years ago for $2389 in supposed "damages" and other charges. I didn't find this out until recently because I didn't leave a forwarding address and never received the notice from my landlord. I wrote my Landlord a demand letter demanding receipts from all cleaning and a complete copy of my lease that would verify the charges as being accurate. Well they wrote me back admitting that I was charged incorrectly for a $590 lease termination fee and a $590 "didn't leave 30 days notice fee." They also were unable to come up with any invoices or receipts for the cleaning and repairs they had charged me with. So that brought my balance down to $789 (which includes rent not paid, late fees and a $485 reletting fee). Which I was pretty happy about considering I was almost ripped off by them for $2389. They said in the letter that they notified the collections agency of the changes. BUT now I am scared because I don't trust this collections agency (ProCollect). I have heard lots of bad things about them and every time I call them, they are complete a-holes. So, my question is, since the Apartments admitted to making a mistake and they still reported me to the CA, is that a violation of the fair credit reporting act? I would be happy to pay the $789 directly to the landlord if they took this crap off my credit report. PLUS the apartment was under two people's names, mine and my roomates. SO why isn't the total amount split up between the two of us? Is that also a violation of the fair credit reporting act??? thanks in advance for any advice!!
  10. I don't know about all the validation laws but if I were you I would just deal straight with the phone company because it sounds like they are the ones who screwed up.
  11. Thanks again. Next step I am taking: Sending demand letter to Property Manager ASAP!!!!
  12. Jetscarbie, I happen to work for a utility auditing company and we work with electric companies and phone companies to get refunds for our clients (Large Cities) that have been overcharged. All electric companies and phone companies have records of all your files and all you have to do is call them or fax them to get the records. Look up their customer service phone number and call them to ask for copies of your payment history and the records that show the dates you started service and cancelled service. I think they have to by law give you these records. (See the Public Utility Commission.) Utility companies overcharge people and companies ALL THE TIME. It may be on accident or it may be on purpose. Anyways, after you get all your records that prove they overcharged you, send cingular customer service a letter requesting they remove the charges and include the backup documents. Keep a copy of the letter. Call them a month later to see if they have done anything. After that call them every week, or everyday until they change it. If you have proof they overcharged you, they have to change it. If they don't change it, it is fraud. I can't post links yet because im a newbie, but google california public utilities commission, they have a lot of good info for consumers.
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