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  1. I have great news! I reviewed the files this morning and the cases were against another person with the exact same name. Even thought this particular instance was not her, I will request a copy of her credit report.I just want to make sure she's fine. I have talked to my lawyer, and he assured me that these things do happen. I will keep an eye on docket as well. My experience with my own cases JDB's can and will use anything they think will work. I was added to a judgement for an ex spouse where the lawyer produced my decree in an attempt to prove fraudulent transfer. Insulting and downright bad lawyering still took two years out of my life. Thank you for the lively and enlightening discussion!
  2. Thank's for the replies guys! I googled medical and minors what you need to know; This is what I'm reading and it contends that you can do this. Quantium meriut is the noose/loophole these scumbags have used. If these are what I think they are, they shold have been paid by insurance. I won against two other JDB's on my own behalf. I can't get the credit score of a minor,so will be going down to the courthouse to examine the files. I'll also be talking to several lawyers as well. Thinking of a motion to vacate to start with. The timing of this seems very personal. My daughter wants to go to college,and this could ruin her chances of obtaining loans. I have not told her anything, she would freak out. I'm glad I spotted them. This shows beyond a shadow of a doubt what scum JDB's are.
  3. I was looking at the docket today and discovered three suits perfected in judgement against my daughter's name. All three were brought by midland. All were pushed through very quickly. She was 16 when all the suits were initiated. I am pretty paranoid about this,because I rebuffed a credit/debt suit from the same firm several years earlier. She was never served,had she been, I would have defended her strongly. I have started research about quantium meriut and it scares the crap out of me. Anyone have any experience?
  4. I just talked to my friend,a lawyer that LVNV got a good kick in the shorts from the Supreme court. Trice initially lost his fight and then appealed because LVNV was not registered legally in Illinois when the suit was filed against him. The Illinois Appelate court ruled in his favor,finding that the judgment was null, and the legal action by LVNV against him was illegal. Lvnv then petitioned the Supreme court for a hearing and appeal My Lawyer talked to a clerk at the Supreme court today. Petition and appeal denied for LVNV!! This has applications to other JDBs as well. Another tool in the weapons belt. This is a huge victory and slam dunk case law !
  5. Great idea ,using you tube ! I watched the vids,and I think it's great that you are linking to CIC. Great way to pay it forward !
  6. might provide your only help on this. However, have you researched legal aide? they helped me.
  7. you have been served. Your focus at this point should be in your answer. Usually they just scotch tape it to your door during a tornado. Welcome to sewer service. Cook county clerk of the court is a easy way to check on your case. I urge you to do so, and also mine this forum.
  8. Blitt et al represent crap one all the time. They also win all the time. Crap one is a OC and keeps excellent records. You might want to consider hiring a lawyer.
  9. you were served properly. Any adult at your address can be served the summons. My"adult" son was served my summons and *forgot* to tell me.
  10. If I had the kind of money that can fund a car on the magnitude of a car like that I would use it for charity. There but for the grace of god,indeed.
  11. and it just pissed me off. I live in Chicago where there is a fair amount of wealthy,poor people,and all flavors in between. I work in a service industry that supplies labor for well off folks and the very wealthy so I am pretty much immune to displays of wealth (in private). But that goddamned steroid pumped up $280,000 convertible with it's entitled passengers cruising down Michigan Avenue sickened me. 85% of our students in the public schools in this city live in poverty,and thousands are homeless. I have to admit, for just a moment I had a fantasy of heads on pikes.
  12. Here's the skinny,even with the improved income numbers I still look like I can't afford the house re-fi ! Ironic,as I have paid on time for 15 years. Still,with the improved credit score,it's time to find a new and or additional job. I feel like Candide.
  13. The utilization of 12% reflects my use of existing credit,the banker said that most folks were at 80%. Not a guote on the interest rate!<g> I'm a frugalista! I am refi-ing with my current mortgage holder,so it is a streamline at no cost up front. I just fired over some better numbers for the income,so we'll see about that. My LTV is good,I do have a reasonable amount of equity in the house. Before the real estate bubble burst in my particular neighborhood it was not uncommon to see equity gains of 13% a year,alas,no longer. Thank you for the informative post!
  14. I had a gut feeling that this would be the case. I have always managed to pay the mortgage first. It has been a rough road. I'll keep working on it.