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  3. I dont think they ll allow them,,,
  4. Marketing forums and communities are a great way to network, share experience, gain knowledge, and drive visitors to your site. There are an abundance of great communities out there for marketing professionals - I wish I had time for more! Below are a couple of sites at which I participate - but for much different reasons: I’ve recently started participating in this forum and I’ve really enjoyed the experience so far. The interactions are genuine and there is a quality exchange of information. I not only learn something but get the chance to spread some of my knowledge. I’ve also walked away with a few new business connections I didn’t have before. I’ll be honest, I like this for the traffic it drives to my site. I can usually answer a few questions a week and draw people to the Lonely Marketer. I have made a few good contacts out of it as well. Can you recommend 2 sites to your readers that you think are worth participation and why? I’d like to put together a list of recommended marketing forums and communities on the Lonely Marketer. If participation is good, I have a page set up that would be great to fill in with your recommendations. If you’d like your recommendations included in the list, you can: * Leave a comment on this post * Write a post of your own for your readers and link back to this post. I’ll see the track back and include your recommendations.
  5. I am very sad of them but now a days i dot that games..........