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  1. Hey everyone, My husband has an old credit card he had been slowly chipping away on. They had put a judgement against him a couple years ago, but he had agreed to make payments on it. Since then I lost my job, and he has a new lower paying job and we are just barely getting by. Long story short, he was served another paper in by the sherriff, pay day is here and they are garnishing his wages now. We can't make our bills as it is. Our mortgage is in modification, we are behind on our car payment, and all hell is breaking loose. Is there any way to stop it?
  2. FICOHELP25 - not working CPPSAVINGS - WORKS!
  3. Equifax came in - 6/10 deletes!! Waiting rather impatiently for transunion now.
  4. I got my first set of disputes back today. Experian. They deleted 10/17 items!!! So I have to read up on my next step, but I thought I would share that with everyone. I am pretty pleased! Waiting for the other 2 to come in now PS Since I can't get a FICO score for experian to check - do I just have to order the fake one from Identity Guard (I am a member of)???
  5. I understand all you said. BUT the CA is telling my husband that once it's paid they will REMOVE the judgement...???!!!
  6. I didn't know they did this when you dispute something. Do ALL your TL's get marked with this? Does it hurt you credit-wise?
  7. My husband got a judgement against him for a credit card he couldn't pay for when times got rough. It is almost paid off and they told him the judgement will come off when it's paid for. Are they just saying that or does that actually happen? I am assuming he needs to get it in writing. Also, the CC the judgement is for is still on his CR and the CA the judgement the came also. So... CC Company (US Bank), CA, and the judgement. Is this how it should be?
  8. Yeah, I CHOSE to come here this time - to actually make some money for being over here. I can go to JAG still, but what can they really help me with?
  9. PS Thanks for the help OU812B4!!!! Much appreciated!
  10. Ok I called them and made a report I guess. They are going to be emailing me an affidavit(sp) and I get it notorized and send it to the CA. She said if I call the CRA's and have them flag my account for fraud that it will hinder me opening any new accounts probably. Just FYI for anyone. Now I get to sort through my report and find all the other crap he's done. I forgot to ask her if the CA has to remove it from my credit once I send them this affidavit though. Anyone know?
  11. Will that effect my credit - good or bad?
  12. OMG my FICO is way worse than my FAKO(?)
  13. How can they do thaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Isn't that kind of our right?
  14. Supposedly they can't take the report because I have to report it where I live. Not where he lives and where the check was written. I am currently in Iraq on top of it all and she said, "I don't know what to tell you to do." This is why I have ignored this stuff for so long. One bump in the road after another... right before a big cliff.
  15. I wanted to get this but it says only TU and EQ - no EX. What's the best deal here?