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  1. Thanks for the advice. I tend to just get caught up in the hopelessness of the situation when I should be looking down the road and planning. That's a great idea about the 1, 5, and 10 year plans. Thanks again I feel a little better now.
  2. I filed a CH 13 about 1.5 yrs ago. I am married and we both work. Its tough making the 13 payment and the mortgage, we are behind on both. We had a mistake on our original petition and so its been getting modified and what not and that is why I think with us being like 6 months behind on the morgtgage, the bank hasn't filed for relief and started foreclosing. Now that the payment is finally set I think they may want to foreclose if we don't get caught up. I am told that they will only let you get 3 months behind and they will file for relief from the automatic stay. When I call the bank they act like they can't tell me anything. I am in the process of trying to open a side business and I am running into some road blocks because of the bk. Higher ins rates and inability to get a contractor account at electrical supply stores. I have been studying business for quite some time now and want so badly to have my own business. My wife and I both have the same dream to run a brewpub type business too in the future. Is there any hope for something like that being in the financial situation we are in? Business loans are out of the question, for now anyway. Has anyone secured a business loan after discharge? If so, how long after? All I want to do is get back on track and be on time with payments and try and do what I can to build credit. I realize that owning a restaurant in my situation would not happen for many years but I would like to make it my ultimate goal. Or is this probably not likely a possibility? Any help is appreciated.
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