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  1. Understood - more than likely he will be able to attend the meeting. It was more of an issue wanting to cover all bases for the "just in case" scenario. I advised DH today of the date and our attorney advised he will need to attend so I am sure he is figuring things out on his end. Thanks y'all for your advice!
  2. My husband works out of town Mon - Fri right now. He is presently in GA, we live in E. TN. Our creditors meeting is coming up on the 29th. It is a good possibility that my husband will not be able to get back into town to attend. I did some research and I can appear on his behalf with a special power of attorney form. I sent an email to our attorney to advise and make sure we can do the form, trying to make sure all bases are covered ahead of time. He said no. Does anyone have any experience with this? Everything I have read shows that we can do this. Is my attorney being a turd? S
  3. Our electric/water utility did ask for a 200.00 deposit - they billed it to the first bill we got after they got the Ch. 7 info. Verizon has yet to ask for a deposit.
  4. Actually you can! I was surprised that I could. I did some google research and some said yes, some said no. So I looked up Verizon's bankruptcy dept. phone number and called. They put a stay on my service, meaning it will continue to stay on. They will prorate my past bills and take off what I owed prior to our 12-11-12 filing and then we will owe what has come due since. I am to call back in two weeks to get the new amount due and make payment. There is a possibility of a deposit that will be due, but that is understandable. Our electric/water utility did the same. I did the happy
  5. More specifically my cellular plan. I am with Verizon and am almost 3 months past due. Phones are about to be turned off. I have filed 7 and will have the 341 meeting next week. Can i include my cell without it being cancelled?
  6. Workingpoor is right - I just recently had an issue with a 2009 Camry Hybrid. I had it a little over a year - did regular maintenance with it then Memorial day 2012 the motor locks up on it. Take it to Toyota and the oil was not circulating thru the motor!!!! New motor needed, so that meant 6000.00 repairs on a 2009 car! Needless to say that car was just included in my BK 7 and went back to the bank. They can fix it if they want! In the meantime I got a 2003 Land Rover for 1500.00 and we've had to spend maybe 200.00 in repairs. Gas milage sucks when you compare the two but at least the
  7. That makes sense. CC is not the way we want to go, that is certain! The home we are looking at is in forclosure and bank owned...the price is exceptional. We have a friend who may be willing to get the house for us then in 1-2 years time we get a loan for the payoff amount. We're over our heads in rent right now and we would save about 600+ a month in housing by buying this house. We would also save in utilities due to it being well water, etc. We have already tore up at least 5 CC offers and my plan is to keep tearing them up and putting them in the trash where they belong!!!!
  8. Well, DH and I have filed for Ch. 7 and are awaiting our 341 meeting on 1/15. After that it is waiting for the discharge. Then what? We currently rent our home but want to buy a fixer-uper. What would be the best steps forward to start improving/rebuilding our credit so we can possibly obtain an USDA Rual Dev. loan sooner than later. With the prices we are looking into it would cut what we pay for housing in half each month. I'm not sure where to start. DH and I really do NOT want a CC of any kind, but how else can we rebuild to be able to get a home loan...
  9. Just wanted to give an update to this post - DH and I have converted to CH 7 and are having our meeting of creditors on the 15th! We were still able to include all creditors (PDLs and AllState). Hopefully things will go well at the meeting and then will be said and done.
  10. I agree with you Jackson...on a side note, although for myself I probably wouldn't drop that kind of money on a car just for the simple fact that I would be nervous as hell driving it around that someone would hit me, ping it, etc. I have a simple Camry Hybrid and i'm always on the defensive due to others lack of attention span on the road and/or in parking lots! It would seem like a waste, but that is me personally. I work for MY money, if I want to buy an expensive "whatever" then that is my prerogative. Nobody else’s. Simple as that. I do believe that people should give a percentage of
  11. Also I wanted to note we were able to include the insurance claims! Another monkey off our back as well.
  12. jq26 - Yes they were able to do a stop payment on the said internet PDL drafts. Cost me 35.00 each but was a LOT less than the actual amounts being drafted!!! LearningasIgo - It wasnt the means test, we met that with flying colors. My husband and I had filed Ch. 13 back in 2006 due to job loss and trying to keep our home we had at the time. You have to be 6 yrs out of Ch. 13 prior to filing a Ch. 7, but we could file Ch. 13 again with the time frame were in so we did that. Our BKR attorney stated we can convert it to Ch. 7 in Oct. of 2012 to avoid the 3-5 yrs of payments. On a side note, I
  13. Thanks so much to all for your responses! It eased my mind until we were able to meet with the attorney. We met with him yesterday and are actually going to do a Ch. 13 filing, which is fine for our finances and situation. None the less we are on the road to being able to live and not pay out tons of interest to these PDLs that we were sooooooo stupid to get. Lesson learned and will NEVER do again!!!!! Now it's just getting to ensure the online PDLs do not draft my account tomorrow! Eeeeeecccckkkk! Working on that today.
  14. My husband and I have several storefront PDLs and online PDLs. We also have a signature loan with Regional Finance in TN. It was for 1,000.00 and we've paid it down to 650.00. They showed up at my husbands work the other day. Due to a car accident my husband had back in Jan. 2010 and not having insurance at the time (totally my fault at letting it lapse), he is having to pay the other drivers insurance claims to their respective insurance companies. The total for all of that is over 30,000.00. We have paid some part of it but in no way in any shape to pay it all now. Once company (allst
  15. Linda7 - I PMed you back. It is good for sure gives us some additional time to get done what needs to be done and fight this to the best of our ability! I was expecting this to be set out 30ish days not almost 3 months. I'll take it!!!!