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  1. Yeah, the car was covered until after the car was repo'd. I should follow up with the DMV to make sure the car isn't in my name still. They got my car out of the blue, as well. I was scraping by, trying to get little jobs here and there to make a payment, and they came at 4am, shining lights in my house and banging on my door. It was very scary. Since then, I haven't been able to work cuz my house was in the middle of nowhere, and couldn't drive to find work with no car, and consequently got evicted from my house I was renting. Kinda blows. Never got the chance to recover from my job loss. It would be nice to fix this and get it off my credit so it doesn't cause any problems down the road. It feels like I've already lost everything as it is. Anyway...if I can't find a self-help solution, I may have to find a free lawyer through Legal Aid to get this off my record somehow.
  2. Well, at least we're not alone! Oh, and another question: Was the repo company or the bank supposed to provide me with my plates? And also: The DMV sent me a letter in March stating they were going to suspend my registration on the repossessed car because there was no proof of insurance on record. Keep in mind, the car was sold in February. OK thanks!
  3. Yes, I do have all the paperwork in a row. I basically need to find out if I can get this off my credit report on any of the following technicalities: In regards to them not sending me a notice of sale, I thought they were required by law to send something stating the time/date/location. Is this true? Are they required by law to not sell the car until the date they said they would? They were supposed to wait until Feb. 14th to sell the car to give me a chance to pay off the amount owed. But they sold it on Feb. 12th. And are they required to mail me a certified letter stating the terms of the sale? The amount of sale and the deficiency? Is it true that I can dispute the entire item altogether on my credit report if the numbers are wrong? Including the total? A verification of credit? And are they required to wait a certain amount of days before repossessing a vehicle? My credit report states that it was repossessed in December, and that my payments were 180 days late. This is incorrect. They were 60 days late in December, at the point of repossession. Seeing as this information is incorrect, could I dispute on this matter as well? My goal here is to get this thing off my credit report, by technicality. Anyone out there with experience in a matter such as this?
  4. I lost my job in October, and my car was repossessed in December and sold in February. I am thinking I might have some way to dispute the charge-off (about $18,000). But I keep reading that I shouldn't do this as it may invite a judgment. My reasons for wanting to dispute it are that they never notified me of the time/date/location of the auction (they told me over the phone it would be sold on a certain date); they sold the car 2 days before they said they would (bank told me that over the phone); the bank then failed to mail me a letter stating the deficiency. And they had my correct address. I only learned of the deficiency on my credit report just now. Oh, and also the total amount for the car is wrong. It's about $10,000 LESS than my contract states. I normally wouldn't want to kick that dirt, but if it could get me out of this, then I would. Also, are they required to wait a certain amount of days before taking the car? I made my last payment on the 12th of October, and they took the car on the 18th of December. They put on my credit report that at that point, I was 180 days past due. Any ideas/advice out there? Thanks!