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  1. Thanks. Settlement papers signed by both parties. done and done. Language includes, dismissing case w/ prejudice, the amount, account, case number, agreement, date, etc.. all with the clearing of funds. my little trick I think worked to get them to settle at my number was. Number and names have been changed to protect identities! lol In September the lawyer they assigned to appear, showed up, call him John Doe, gave me their number for settlement. 2,000. Rock bottom! I was told. I Said nothing, spoke nothing until last week.. I call into their regular phone line, spoke with the first line
  2. one day I'll tell how I get them to settle for what I wanted. A nice little con/trick that seemed to work wonders....
  3. haha...i don't trust them either. but I've had no issues with this lawyer I'm dealing with, plus I've put it in writing sent it to them and the courts and now they're faxing it back to me. Ive done the due diligence myself. With the courts involved, I wish they would. but yes, I've already done this in a way. I've made all these calls and conversations on my work phone and my work records all calls.
  4. got it all straightened out. got a hold of the lawyer. will be faxing back and forth settlement papers here in a few. money isn't cashed b/c of my release. already checked with bank.
  5. No but I did wrote them a settlement agreement and release regarding a settlement and release and the amount and cashing it would be agreeable to the settlement, etc.. I'm trying to get in contact with the lawyer to no avail
  6. Well, we reached a settlement last week(thursday) at the number I wanted. I sent my funds certified and attached a settlement, agreement and release. They received them friday. come today, still no dismissal. I call up the lawyer, leave a vm. One of her cronies calls me back and they say they can't get their client (citi) to sign my release in time for the trial 12/1 and send a dismissal, so they want me to send something in to negate my settlement letter. So I ask, even if I do that when would you send in a dismissal, well I don't know. I definitely don't want to send in something negati
  7. Well at pre-trial not much was said, I kept everything I said to as little as possible. set a court date for 12/1. He asked if i was working, money, etc.. Said nothing. They gave me their "lowest" figures for settlement, just said okay and left. Mediator asked why and what I was disputing, let her now, then we set dates for discovery, etc.. and parted ways. Haven't spoke to them since. They haven't dropped the case. I made the mistake of calling JBR today thinking they could be reasonable to talk to and obviously they were not. Cannot talk to the lawyer who I've been going back and fort
  8. Thanks. When I get some time, I thought about scanning in and putting up some of their responses for some educational use. and some chuckles. In most if not all of their responses to each discovery question/request they called my requests some sort of ambiguous, threatening or harassing. Thought it was classic of them, to throw in an affidavit from Feb 2009. When the records they said that were generated or "provided" to them by Citi in my discovery was in August 09. A complete fabrication on their part with that affidavit. Another fabrication is in discovery they said I obtained the credit
  9. Well if some have been following maybe, maybe not. Here is quick run down and update. JBR, took forever, about 3 months to respond to my request for discovery, production of docs. I also filed an admission if they had the docs or not. Low and behold they answer them both, come back with a bunch of copies or computer generated statements with my name on it, that's it, a beginning balance in between and ending balance. No affidavit, no authentication. The "rep" who helped in assisting finding these statements is lets say Jane Doe. Meanwhile through all of that, the court set a pre-trail date
  10. Well I received the request for motion to transfer to my new city & court and motion for extension to respond to my discovery request by jbr(citi) on 7/2, just checked the web. the judge granted both 7/6. Going to serve JBR my set of admissions tomorrow.
  11. Well, I'll try to make a long story short. I got served by my local court at the time(April), with jbr as the attorneys for Citi south dakota. Filed my answer, served them request of production of documents, filed a motion to strike their exhibit a copy of a statement as hearsay, no authentication. judge denied it. I moved to another city at the time I filed everything around May. Doesn't matter, the complaint and everything occured in my original city and I obviously agreed as did jbr to not motion to transfer, etc.. at the time. Well fast forward, they filed for an extension of time (30 d
  12. The only thing, I can think of, is the answer date for the original complaint was May 20th. (28 days from the complaint) I filed my motion to strike, 5/15. Was returned b/c I forgot to attach my payment for fee. So I resent it with payment. It was filed 5/19. The magistrate ruled on it although 5/22. Perhaps he denied it b/c he didn't rule on it until 5/22?
  13. I filed a motion to strike their evidence as hearsay with my court and sent a notice to the oc's lawyers. Their evidence, exhibit, was a copy of a credit card statement. No affidavit, no authentication. Well I stated that in my motion, used rules of evidence, 803(6), 802, 801, 901, etc. I had my memorandum with supporting law and case law. Got it back in the mail today, motion denied. Now what? Disappointed now after receiving that today. I don't know how a magistrate can allow that when I stated and proved applicable laws, etc.. that an affidavit is needed to authenticate the statement and