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  1. I think i may have asked my question a little wierd there, i dont need a new tradeline i already have one and they are not reporting it to two of the cra's. It used to be reported monthly, i never missed a payment and it just dissapeared. How do i get the account back on my credit report?
  2. How do you go about getting a positive tradeline added to your credit report? I had one from sallie mae that was reported for the last two years, then poof is dissapeared off 2 of my credit reports even though i stayed current on the payments and still owe them money. Is there a way to get the account added back on? It was in good standing and dropped my score 40 points.
  3. I had included a Citifinancial account in my chp 7 BK and didnt realize that leins survived the bk. I had used my car title to obtain a loan , I was discharged last year on am trying to aquire my vehicle title. $800 is the payoff amount. My question is, is there anyway of working out payments to them? I know it does not seem like alot of money but I am having trouble coming up with it. I have already tried to deal with citi, but they will not budge.
  4. i agree with jq26, anything that was included in your bankruptcy should say so on your credit report. most of the accounts i iib were reporting wrong, wrong amounts, account numbers etc. i disputed them all with pacer info and got everything corrected.
  5. at least it worked for you!! i tried it by mail and they wanted id, copys of utility bills like previously stated in this thread. but when i went to thier web site i disputed everything online and got it all corrected within a week.
  6. i wouldnt consider that to be true, im not an attorney. i did not have any debt to reaffirm and filed chp7.
  7. also after you file bankruptcy, it will outweigh anything good you have on your credit report.
  8. is there any easy way to pay off backed taxes to the irs? i know about thier payment plans but im not in the financial state to pay them all of the money. i have already filed bankruptcy and was discharged on 10/08i know taxes cannot be included in bk. if i do opt to do the payment plan does anyone know the interest rates they charge? thanks to anyone who can help im out on a limb here.
  9. i filed chp 13, in 07, converted it to chp 7, lost my house, car. i now drive a beater, rent a town home and couldnt be happier, im still working out all of the things post filing like cleaning up the credit reports and all that good stuff. nobody strting at the top of the mountain they had to start at the bottom and work thier way up.
  10. i just finished all of my letters just have to mail them, there should be a how to --- for carrying out disputes. i found it a little confusing there for a little bit, then again i am a newbie. i was using bkforums.com and found this site to be alot more informative.
  11. thanks it seemed like i was having a tough time getting responses for some posts. i thought either i was asking something no-one knew or i was asking something completely retarded, i thought disputing items was alot harder than it really is.
  12. How many people have won disputes on thier credit reports? and what did you do to prove that the dispute was legit? i have tried looking all over this forum and havent found too many success stories.
  13. hello everyone, i am in the process of disputing items on my credit report, and was wondering what forms of evidence anyone might have used to dispute innacuracies? my big problem is i filed BK7 and still have open accounts after the discharge. would a discharge letter and/or case number be sufficient?
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