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  1. I guess I am NOT a "skip" then...can you give me a direction to go with this? I am not really sure what benefit they have by placing such statement on my report except to make it look like I am "hiding" or "running" from them....or that I have moved out of the country and they have used a bounty hunter to locate me?! I wonder how it is that they "have recently located me"??? hmmm... Can I sue them for false information on my report if they cannot prove how it is they managed to finally locate me since I wasnt ever missing in the first place?
  2. Not sure exactly what you mean by a "skip" but I can say I still have the same address I had 13 years ago and same phone number. I just never talked to or corresponded with them. The OC is HSBC and the acct was sold. Date of last payment was Dec 2006 to OC.
  3. In a recent check of my Experian credit report I noticed Credit Solutions added a statement to the "Status" of my credit report: "Creditor recently located individual".....what the heck???!!! Has anyone ever had this added to their report? What's the benefit of this? I've had ZERO contact with this company for them to make this statement. Should I just ignore it?
  4. TomnTex Thats what I thought and have read...some on here say it starts when you first become deliquent---i.e. missed first payment....which would still be Dec. 8,2006 and they filed Dec 9, 2010 If its calcuated based on last payment, then the last payment was Nov. 8, 2006. Regardless, its past SOL for sure now..and they dismissed with nonsuit. If they wanna refile...bring it on! I will go up against these scumbags. THANKS TO THE WONDERFUL PEOPLE HERE ON CIC I AM ARMED WITH CONFIDENCE!!
  5. Actually, no I am not 100% sure .... on the courthouse website page in the "JUDGEMENT" section it states: "MOTION FOR NON-SUIT FILED AND GRANTED" "Case Status" ---"Dismissed Non Suit"
  6. Thanks so much for your input BV80. I will make a trip to the courthouse and get a copy of that dismissal. I was able to print something from the courthouse website that said the case is dismissed. It has the case number, who filed, the dates, etc and my name, but maybe the courthouse will have more information for me to read. Again, thank you.
  7. Also, is it a violation for them to state in their March 2011 letter to me that "a case has recently been filed --naming the case number and court filed in--....when in fact that case was already dismissed in Feb. 17, 2011 per their request??????
  8. The last voicemail started off with " this call is for ipigott, if you are not ipigott (giggle) please hang up now..if you are ipigott, continue to listen...this is so and so with A$$et Accpt Corp...it is imparative you return our calls regarding a debt." He leaves his name, phone number and ext. and my file number. ---they called my cell phone....I have never given any credit card company permission to call my cell phone... What are the chances they will refile? I really think it is out of SOL anyway but will be prepared to fight them til the end. Last payment made on Nov. 8, 2006. Suit was filed Dec. 9, 2010 then dismissed nonsuit Feb. 17, 2011. Is it common for JDB to dismiss without even serving someone first? Is there a chance my local courthouse asked for more documentation that they coudlnt produce so they dismissed??? Really wish I knew.
  9. A JDB filed a suit against me (Dec 2010) but I was never served. 2 months later, the suit was "dismissed- nonsuit" (Feb 2011). Now (March 2011) they have sent me a letter stating "We have recently filed a suit against you, case XXXXX in court XXXXX. You have not contacted us so we are making you an offer. Pay us $XXX.XX per month until the debt is paid in full beginning this month...." WTF???????? What are they up to???? I have NEVER contacted them or replied to them in anyway. I have not received anything from the court regarding this case. I only have knowledge of it being dismissed by checking my local courthouse website daily. I also recently starting receiving phone calls from them on my cell phone....of which I also "ignore" but save the voicemails. Any ideas or suggestions on where to go from here?
  10. Thanks Workingpoor: I found out today my case was dismissed (nonsuit) before I was even served!! So for now.....YAY!!! Praying they dont refile...but if they do, I"ll fight them til the end!
  11. I have been checking my court's records daily for a suit that was filed against me but has not been served. I checked today and it says: Case status: DISMISSED Disposition: DISMISSED NONSUIT What exactly does this mean for me? I'm sure it means they can refile, but what would be the reason for them to do this? I want to be happy, but nervous it will just get refiled anyway.
  12. I am in Texas, which is 4 years. So I need to look for a credit card agreement from 2006 and then check with my local courts and find out if VA would supercede Texas????
  13. So if I am being sued by a JDB who purchased a charged off debt from Crap One, which defaulted in 2006, is there a chance that the SOL for Virginia is the governing SOL?
  14. So if my payment was due Dec 8, 2006 (and never paid) and suit was filed on Dec 9, 2010, did they file within SOL or out of SOL?
  15. This has been such a wonderful thread. It has given me such great information and also gives me hope in dealing with my own situation. Great work CIC and SDJ!!!!!!!!