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  1. Thanks to all for your help i apprenticed all of your kind words and thoughts. It help me.
  2. should i send a answer any way or listen to him SO CONFUSED:cry: WHAT SHOULD I DO
  3. i am talking to a lawyer about bankruptcy and i ask him if i should answer and he told me no. and i owe $425.13 and the are asking for 880.26
  4. i am in minnessota not sure what the SOL are and this is for a bad check
  5. it not even a year yet so. but i never heard any thing after the store telling me i need to make a payment. Then all of a sudden i get this letter. they never called or if they did they did not leave a message
  6. I have received a Summons and Complaint there is no case number or anything it looks like of of those forms you can get on line and fill in the blanks. there is nothing on there singed by the court. and when i went and looked up to see if there was anything in the court records nothing came up. Is this real or a fake. The law firm who sent this did not have it hand delivered or was it certified. The law firm also has a lot of complaints against them and a lot of negative feed back. Can any one help Thanks Leona Fuller