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  1. I've read it, but my question is since they haven't reported anything to my CR, should I still send a second DV letter?
  2. I sent a letter to a collections agency on April 20, 2009. Which they received and accepted and signed for on April 22,2009. They haven't reported anything to my credit report as of today. They haven't responded to my DV letter, so should I send a second one, even though they haven't reported anything to my credit report? Also, this isn't a collection account for a credit card, but for a account such as Avon products. Thanks for any help! Thanks!
  3. I sent out my cmrr letters today disputing some TL's on my wife's credit report. I disputed a few medical collections under $100, three each. We have no idea what these are for, so we disputed them as "this is not my account" with transunion. There was also two other collections that were suppose to be deleted from my wife's credit report when paid, but haven't been removed, so we disputed them. I will keep everyone updated once we get the responses.
  4. I had about 6 inquiries, and all were deleted within 24 hours.
  5. I currently have a citi card account with a balance of $4300 with a limit of $4200. I'm currently 1 month late, they raised my apr to 28.99 from 8.9 charged me over limit fee and late fee. My current minimum due is $376. I called and tried to see if they can help me, the only thing they can do is close the account and do a hardship program thing. I tried calling again to see if I can pay the minimum in return lower my apr, again can't do anything but wait for results on some eligibility for lowering my apr. Anything I can do to lower my apr atleast? I have the minium to pay, but I can't afford that amount every month with a 28.99 apr!
  6. If I'm disputing a medical TL on my CR that is in collections for not deleting after payment as agreed, should I also send a letter to the OC of this account? If so what kind of letter. OR do I have to wait for the CRA response to the dispute?
  7. Hello! I have four medical bills that are in collections from the OC. Each one is under $100. I'm currently mailing out disputes to TransUnion for each one stating the accuracy. With that in mind, should I also send anything to the OC, which in this case is a hospital and a few medical offices? If so, what sample letter should I use? And should I wait for Transunion's response for the dispute before I send anything to the OC? Thanks!
  8. Hello! How can I dispute Experian via the mail? What is their address. Do I actually have to get a credit report from them? I did get a 3 in 1 report from Bank of America privacy assist, would that work?
  9. Does anybody have or know of any sample letters I can send to have them write the acceptance of the offer?
  10. Hello! I was a co-signer for a Care Credit account. Currently for experian and transuinion, its reporting that I owe a balance of $1030 for transunion and experian, but for equefax its reporting $1086. When I check the account status its says for equifax that "charge" and for experian it says "account closed at credit grantors request" and for transunion "account closed by credit grantor". What should I do, this company is reporting different information! When I called care credit, they said they closed the account due to 0 activity and their is a 0 balance, but as you can see in my current report accurate as of April their is a balance. Once I started asking more questions they asked if I'm really who I say i am and that they need to disconnect because they don't believe their talking to the account holder. Even though I verified my information. She then put my on hold and the call was disconnected. Also, for the account status on my credit report for the big 3 on this account says either pays as agreed or this is an account in good standing. What should I do? Thanks!
  11. Hello! If a OC such as a credit card company would like to settle for at least half of the balance owed, with communications over the phone, and when I ask if they can provide a written acceptance of the offer, but they say no. What should I do? Should I wait it out and keep asking for it? Should I trust the credit card company? Thanks
  12. I'm not saying that I would want it to show up, its that it hasn't shown up at all, even before the settlement.
  13. Hello! I have a question for everyone. I had a account go into collections for around $75. For some reason, this account never showed up on my credit report as a collection, even though it was in collections for around 3 months. Around four months the CA settled for around $45 and that was it. They also sent me a letter stating nothing more was due and $45 was final settlement. My question is, why hasn't this shown on my credit report yet? It wasn't a credit card but a Avon Products account if you know what they are. Thanks
  14. Hello! I have some good news. I have around $3200 in credit card debt for my Discover card. I've been talking to them for the last few months, being I'm late 60 days. I never talked about settlement until my last phone call last week. The hardship representative put me on hold to see what he can do and he came back with a offer of $1600 for a final settlement. I made sure that would be the final payment and settle the account, and he said yes. At that time I didn't request for any paperwork, but insisted to give me at least two weeks to come up with the money and he said that was fine. I'm currently writing a counter offer of $870, since I cannot afford $1600 right now, but I also asked them to accept the offer in "Writing". I should be doing that correct? Thanks!
  15. Hello, After reviewing my updated credit report, I noticed one of my collections was noted as "Charged Off". What does this mean exactly?
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