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  1. I downloaded my free credit report and these Debt Collectors have been ripping all over it. My first question is: What does these mean: (I found this in the status part in the negative section) Creditor- Status: Account charged off. $1,845 written off. $1,469 past due as of May 2009? Creditor- Status: Paid in settlement. Creditor's Statement: Account legally paid in full for less than full balance.(I did'nt pay this) Creditor- Status: Account charged off. $XXXXX.XX written off There are a few more that say the same thing, but with the amount they say I owe. Does Account charged off. $XXXXX.XX
  2. That is very true, I mean if I really look at it this company, who claims to want the money for HSBC, they could be doing what ever it takes to get the money when I really should'nt have to pay them. They could be trying to get a cut of the money that I owe the OC, when they should'nt be allowed a cent. I should be paying the person or company that legally has the right to collect from me so I know that the OC gets all the money, am I right? I have a lot to learn......
  3. I also looked thru the names on the UTAH state bar and did not find this guys name either. I did some more searching on google and found a law firm with the same address as what is listed on Guglielmo & Associates website. www[dot]esplinweight[dot]com I went to their site and noticed that they do debt recovery so maybe they are using this law firm and the person of contact was this Kennerly Richard T and he no longer works there. I am going to do some more research, thank you all for your help, input and advice.
  4. Thank you both for the info, I actually did go to their site but did not bother to look for an address, duh I have looked thru the lists provided on the Arizona Department of Financial Institutions website and I did NOT find this Guglielmo & Associates Attorneys at law anywhere. There letter head says they are ATTORNEYS AT LAW, but they are still trying to collect a debt from me so they should be licensed as a debt collector, correct? So should I go ahead and report them to the Arizona Department of Financial Institutions? Thanks -
  5. Point taken I can see what you are saying, it is amazing how many angles on this can give you so many different outlooks. To be honost most people are looking for a way to get out of paying the debt, i'm one of them. Although the debt is valid to the OC, the VOD when I first started reading about it seems like, WOW I can use this to get out of paying my debt, hoping the incompetance of the debt collector will benefit me some how or prolonge the process to put me past the SOL. In reality it seems to me that the debt collectors know about this and know what is the correct response. If they do no
  6. I am new to all this and received a letter from a law firm telling me that I have thirty days to dispute my debt. After the thirty they are going to file a claim. So I paniced and started searching for answers which brought me here. At first I read a ton of postings that said people should send a DV letter and go from there, most likely they will not pursue it any further becuase it is hard for CA's to come up with proof I owe them. Well I sent off a DV letter and now I started reading how people are saying a DV letter is a big waste of time anymore. After reading the FDCPA Section 809. Valid
  7. I just figured since they have the option to sign for it, they would most likely NOT sign for the letter and have it sent back. I sent it off anyways today - Lets see what happens! I will post what the response is
  8. I was just filling out the envelope to send these jokers the VOD and noticed the only address I have is a P.O Box. What is the safest way to send a registered or certified letter to them, don't they have the option to deny the letter? The Company is: Guglielmo & Associates ATTORNEYS AT LAW P.O. Box 41688 Tuscon, Arizona 85717-1688 Should I try to find a physical address?? Thanks -
  9. LOL, priceless I am going to send this off tomorrow and see what happens, wish me luck I have been reading about sending the VOD letter and from every where I have read they said send it via certified mail. The certified mail receipt is vital, if or when, they do not respond within the 30 day time peroid (along with the 15 day courtesy letter) with the CORRECT LEGAL information. You can throw it in their face and tell them do delete your records. Here we GO!
  10. Okay I did what you said I did NOT use my actual signature. I am a little weary about that because to me is would appear that NOT using my actual signal would void the letter. But on the other hand if they cannot validate the debt than they will not respond and it will not matter?
  11. Sorry for the double post but, should I have this letter validated by a court, post office or ???? I guess what I am asking is what is the legal way of sending this? Just regular mail? I would assume I should make someone sign for it to show they received it?
  12. Thank you, I must say either way I feel better that I am not going to sit back and let them bully me. I do enjoy challenges, and this would be a great one. These CA's are snakes and people that take no effort to find out their rights so I am glad I am taking the extra effort and finding out whats legal Here is a VOD that I found and to me it seems like a good one. I now this is not exactly the way some people would right it but I guess I am looking to see if the legal/correct information is there to get my point accrossed. Attempt to Validate Debt. Under the Federal Debt Collection Practices
  13. I found a pretty good site explaining the process, maybe someone can take a look at the site and see if they think it is a good process? Thanks creditinfocenter{dotcom}/rebuild/debt_validation{dotshtml} Please excuse the linking, I do not have enough posts
  14. You will have to accuse me but does VOD mean Validation Of Debt? Can I obtain a VOD that is pretty much completed, and all I have to do is fill in the blanks? I have been reading for hours today and will research more on VOD. Thank you for the heads up on that
  15. Thanks for the reply. This company practices in four different states, and the one I live in happens to be one of the states. Here is some information on what my situation is; The letter is titled like this: RE: ARROW FINANCIAL SERVICES LLC Original Creditor: HSBC CARD SERVICES (III) INC Debtor No: XXXXXX.XXX Balance Due: $6541.03 Then it goes on saying I have 30 days to challenge the debt..... Should I challenge the debt, the debt is definately mine. I really do not know what to do . Like I mentioned before this is only ONE of about 13 creditors I have and who knows how many more will come