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  1. Has anyone heard of Huntington Mediation? They called me and said I took out a payday loan in April 2010. They had an address I haven't lived at for 7 years and a bank account number I closed in 2006. I asked them to send all the information in order to validate the debt and they said they didn't have too. The man I spoke with starting screaming at me. I hung up and called back to ask for their address and they said they couldn't give it to me. I have already filed a complaint with the state attorney general, FTC, and BBB. Unfortunately no one has heard of them. I am hoping someone knows thei
  2. Thanks Prosay for the advice. By the way the letter was not signed. I am sorry I did not specify that I had a checking account only with B of A.
  3. I just received a letter from a collection agency stating I owed Bank of America money from a checking account which I closed in January 2007. I plan on asking for validation since I did not have a credit card account with them. I want to know if there is a statute of limitations on this.
  4. I have several letters from First Premier. One says they have information that my social security number is incorrect, one says they verified it. Several ask for me to prove I am who I say I am. They contacted Experian and put an alert on my credit report. All because I asked them to investigate and verify a 2004 account. Should I make copies of all the contradicting letters and send them to the credit bureau's?
  5. I called Transunion and spoke to an agent in the U.S. I told her what first premier was doing as far as reporting the accounts as adverse with no justification. She called First Premier that day and they were updated to a positive status. I also filed complaints with the Arizona Attorney General's office and the South Dakota Attorney General's office. I received letters from both saying they had contacted First Premier and were investigating. Hopefully they are able to do something.
  6. I think I didn't explain clearly. First premier took an account (in good standing) that had no lates or anything and reported it as adverse. I believe they did this because I disputed an account from 2004 with the CRA's and when it came back verified I sent a letter to first premier to investigate and verify. When I called First premier to ask why they were reporting an account as adverse they said because they couldn't very my SS#. I don't see anything under the FRCA regulations that allows them to report an account as adverse for this reason.
  7. I asked first Premier to investigate an account from 2004 and verify it was mine. They didn't. I just received a response to my request stating that I needed to dispute with the credit bureaus. When I pushed the issue they suspended the two accounts in good standing that I had with them. I closed the accounts. They proceeded to report one as adverse. I called to find out why and they said they couldn't verify the social security number so they reported it this way. Can they do this?
  8. If a CA is licensed to operate in a state is it easier to sue for failure to comply with state regulations in regards to debt validation than for FRCA or FDCPA violations? I read the Arizona State statutes for debt validation from a CA. It seems pretty clear that a CA has to provide certain documents as requested such as a contract and statements within (5) days of contact with the debtor. If the CA is refusing to provide anything but an account number and name would referencing the state statutes and requesting the information accordingly be more effective if I am planning to sue?
  9. Actually I had a 3 way conference call with an Experian representative and a representative from Resurgent. The Resurgent agent verified the information to the Experian representative while I was on the phone listening. this is when she told me they weren't reporting to the CRA's.
  10. I am trying to figure out if I have a case against Resurgent Capital Services. They are collecting for Ascent which purchased a debt from Plains Commerce in May 2008. I sent two certified letters to Plains Commerce only to find out they moved with no forwarding address and the phone number is disconnected. Resurgent can't validate this debt but they keep verifying with the CRA's through the Plain's Commerce TL listed on my CR. I told them they were in violation because they continued to verify with the CRA's. They said they were not reporting because they are verifying this account with the CR
  11. I ended up on a conference call with an experian representative and an agent from resurgent. I had already sent two requests for resurgent to validate. Resurgent verified the debt to the experian representative with me on the phone. I told her that resurgent was in violation of FRCA regulations. She said they weren't because they are not reporting to the credit bureau's. What they are doing is verifying through the original OC's listing even thought the contact information on my CR is invalid. they have been reporting this way since May 2008. Is there anything I can do to force them to report
  12. If a debt is purchased by a JDB and assigned to a CA can they still verify the debt with the CRA's using the original OC company information (name,address, acct #, and phone number)? Would FDCPA section 812 apply if the OC no longer existed but the JDB and CA were verifying using an invalid address and phone number and refusing to update the TL with their information?
  13. I am not sure how to deal with this. Resurgent Capital Services is a CA for Accent who apparently purchased the debt from Plains Commerce. I sent two requests for an investigation to Plains Commerce, but the letters came back undeliverable. Meanwhile I disputed with Experian and it came back "verified". Resurgent validates the debt with acct#, name, amount, but none of the documentation I asked for. They are verifying the TL with the CRA's by keeping all the info on my CR as Plains Commerce and will not update with their information. They told me they are not reporting on my CR and they won'
  14. I have sent two DV letters to Resurgent and FMS for the Plains Commerce account. All I received is a blank page with my name, account, number, and amount owed. I know from the posts this is all they need to send. They are still reporting this on my Experian report. I got a supervisor at Experian because Plains Commerce no longer exists but Experian still is able to verify. We did a conference call to Resurgent and they verified the account to her with the usual acct#, SS#, and name. I asked the Resurgent agent why they had not validated the debt. She said they did and that was all I was going
  15. The debt is from 2007. The problem is I think it actually goes back to 1999 but there has been some kind of funny business on their part.