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    I am a firm believer of ALWAYS pay what you owe and NEVER pay what you don't !
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    I am a lover of animals especially dogs, books, baking, and helping the underdog whenever possible!

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    I wonder how the Uni Bomber feels about all this new 'security'
  2. YOU mediate... if you can't agree you'll go to trial... mediation can be good to see what the other sides case is and then build your defense...good mediators dont give away their entire hand though.... something you should keep in mind....
  3. looks like youve done a lot of work! Midland does have a lic to collect in az as does bursey and assoc. last time I checked though The address that midland has listed with their lic. was incorrect and a vacant building, this isnt allowed per az law the addy needs to be accurate within 10 days of any move you may want to check into it.
  4. You should hire an attorney. It is your best bet. You should know if you have any credit cards that you defaulted on and that got canceled with you still owing people money. You need to get a copy of your credit report. I think since this is due in such a small amount of time and you are new to the game hiring a lawyer would be your best bet. In the meantime you need to do as I suggested and read the forums here about federal debt collection law and then go google Arizona Revised Statutes.
  5. P.S. Do some research do you owe people money? Have you defaulted on a past credit card? Midland buys old debt.
  6. Is this debt time barred? When did this debt become incurred? You need to study up on debt laws in A ARS statutes and court cases regarding debt collections. I had midland come after my husband for a debt he didn't owe, we got a settlement check from Midland. They are junk debt buyers and are the worst of the worst! You need to respond immediately though and show up to court!
  7. To see the saga please read the old posts. We agreed to a confidentiality clause for the amount, but EACH COMPANY ended up paying, sort of. Midland settled and made Bursey and Associates pay for the claim against them. So in the end we got our home, we got our credit report corrected including the erroneous TL removed and we got a very nice check from Bursey and Associates. All I can say is sometimes the little guy does win and if you are willing to stand up for yourself in the end it is worth it. Anyone dealing with any JDB or variation there of does themselves a great disservice if they don't know their rights and assert and enforce them.
  8. Also filing suit in wrong court could hurt your case, this issue likely needs a lawyer.
  9. Contract law always seems as if it should be cut and dry and yet it never is. Personally I wouldn't have allowed him to buy me out for only the amount I originally paid into the company. No way. If you are turning a profit then that's because of your money as well. Also without knowing explicit terms of contract its hard to give you advice. Best bet is to get a forensic accountant, and a consult from a commercial contract litigator. To make a charge of fraud you want to have grounds to do so. Then have proof. Then file a complaint to proper authority, which differs in states.
  10. I am frightened of twilight, as I have 2 nieces, ages 8 and 10, I am very aware of the failure of the US school system. These girls are not only boy crazy, they are either warewolf or bat crazy. Obviously bestiality and its inherant 'wrongness' needs to be re emphasized during biology, sex ed, civics or whatever class it can be. Secondly they seem to hold onto the idea that vampires or warewolves may actually exist. Finally they also believe that potential vampires and warewolves would come in the form of 'hot 20 somethings' listen Strokers Dracula at least painted a more likely picture vampires are allergic to sun, sleep in dirt, and are aproximately as old as that dirt. And in these times a vampire would most likely look something like a homeless senior citizen. Team edward and some other team are duking it out in the hearts of teeny boppers and tweens and all I can think is wth.... listen we need some intervention asap. Also tried to watch movie, kept making me puke a little into my mouth so I stopped... Vampires frolicking in the sun is like jaws tanning on the beach....beligerent and ridic.
  11. True, I love chocolate (real chocolate) and prefer my gold in the form of jewelry not coins. TNP is giving out I.O.U.s for christmas gifts.
  12. Why bother. Go ahead a just file suit. Listen its not your job to force them to follow the law. It is however, your right to sue them if they don't. ITS letters are a dime a dozen. The next 'letter' they receive from you should be a summons in federal court.
  13. Frontline on PBS did a follow up on Neda.... http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/tehranbureau/deathintehran/view/ You know its heartbreaking that the people who felt it their duty to be honest and moral are in turn banished under threat of death (or worse) for being and doing the very things the islamic law says they should be and do. I greatly respect those that in the face of personal dangers they resolve to make a stand... The message can sometimes take over the truth, and more than a cause or a martyr Neda was a daughter, sister, friend, companion and student. There's something very wrong with taking away those who lost her, their right to grieve, their right to remember and honor her, and to silence the voices of those who truely knew her.
  14. I don't know your feelings but you may want to talk with a naturalist or homothopist (sp) they usually can tell you best combo, times and diets to go with vitimans and such. Maybe a way to get the effect of vitamin d to last a little longer? As for the car and legs. I don't blame you its amazing how tiring being sick can be, and noone realizes getting better (or just not getting worse) is often more than a fulltime job. Maybe a forum or blog of others with MS could help with the search of proper car....or a trick or tip so the dw doesn't have to do the slip and slide to help.
  15. Alternative therapies are really interesting. Some of course are hocus pocus, but some seem sound. I think its awesome your PCP is open to that and even more awesome that he oversees it. I've had pcps tell me if your gonna do that stuff, fine, but I don't wanna know about it unless its contradictory to my treatment. Sounds like you've got a good pcp. I've tried all kinds of natural therapies and alternative healing tech.s ... so if you wanna exchange some fun stories I can tell you about .... Copper blood cleansing. Bee venom...and bee propolis Magnetic reasonance Ect ect ect...... Fun stuff. I think the best ever was in sedona az and the vortex and a 'healing journey' Whatever I had gotten dehydrated and was hot and tired, this hippido hippy is trying to convince me that I'm getting better and that the weakness is healing...wth.... Finally he puts a rock in one of my hands and a leafy stick in the other...has me hold my arms straight out at my sides. He then 'evenly' pushes down on my arms and I'm supposed to resist my arms being pushed down, of course one of my arms is weaker and gets pushed down easier than the other. But hippydo starts in with oh you are very dehydrated see how the arm that went down first held the rock? Well that's be cause the tree/leafs wet life force was actually nourishing my body...omg so lame.... I was 15 or 16 and knew this was lame. I've never needed a rock or a tree to know I'm dehydrated, usually my plethora of sweat and dry mouth are pretty good indicators... if those fail, usually I get thirsty ....hmmm I dunno. Sounds like pt is going very well....walking for twenty mins is better than not at all.... every minute helps the muscle from atrophy or loss of neuro connections....very promising. Maybe check out amino acids, htp5, sam-e, omega acids, these are reportedly good for keeping neuro pathways functioning and 'lubed' and allows brain to increase functions. Of course it could be a rock in the hand....but maybe worth a try?
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