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  1. After I filed my answer i received notice to attend a case management conference. While there we were given deadlines to file interrogatories etc. Midland sent me their request on Tuesday and I sent my responses and my request to them on Wednesday.
  2. We are more powerful than we realize. If people would just do a little research. I typed in midland funding and voila! I was lead here. You have to want to defend yourself. I'm just glad that you all are here and sharing knowledge.
  3. I had to register and thank each and everyone of you that shared your experiences and technique. I had never heard of Midland Funding until I received a letter in the mail from local counsel offering to represent me in a bankruptcy. They stated that I was being sued and included a case number. I went to the court docket of the court of common pleas and saw my name listed. Turns out Midland was suing me on behalf of Capital One. I have never had an account with Capital One. At this point I'm pulling copies of my credit report and see that Midland had made an inquiry on 1 of the 3. Capital One h