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  1. Ha, Received a response from Equifax to my request to explain how they had verified the CH7 BK listed on my credit report! Guess what... they decided to remove it and update all my accounts that showed included in BK to paid, paid as agreed, closed! No more BK listed on EQ, no more derogatory accounts!!! YAY!! Plus score went up from 684 to 709! (EX and TU came back a while ago as "verified" although I did not ask them to verify but to explain how they had verified them before)
  2. There we go again, bumped another TU Inq today, 2 to go!
  3. BOA offers a $300 minimum secured card with a $39 per year fee. After a year of good payment history it converts to a unsecured card. You can add more funds to the card if you want a higher limit and ofcourse when it converts to a unsecured card you are refunded your "downpayment"
  4. Chec kout this spreadsheet that can help you understand what happens to your loans and payback periods when you make more or less principal payments. It was an eyeopener for me to see I can actually pay off all my loans and mortgages in <7 years if I would apply my additional principal payments in a smarter way! http://www.vertex42.com/Calculators/debt-reduction-calculator.html The spreadsheet is free for personal use, so admin please don't remove the link, I don't get any kickback when the commercial version is sold and am in no way associated with this site.!
  5. Have been able to get Judgements removed from all three credit reports. See here how: http://www.debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/forums/showthread.php?t=296699
  6. The EQ inq's you can dispute online and most of them will be removed. the TU inq's you can get removed by using the bump method (get cct an pull your own report dialy, after about a month to 45 days hard inq's will start falling of) the EX inq's are harder to get off. I have had success with putting a fraud alert on the fle and than disputing them all as fraudulent. (down to 0 ex, 1 eq and 3 tu right now from >30 on each) Not to be an a&#036;&#036; but just go to your local CU get an account with them, ask them for a small credit card and a small personal loan, pay everything on time for 3-4 months, than go back and get the CU to give you a car loan BEFORE you go car shopping. Exactly what I did and they approved me without any issues (3 year old BK on file)
  7. Oh come on there is no reason to ever pay for a credit report. For TU you can just go to: http://annualcreditreport.transunion.com/entry/disputeonline and follow the process. Even if you have already received your TU Free Annual Credit Report, I get a free one that way every couple of months to check details. The report you pull will remain available for a month, after that you can request a new one again. Good luck!
  8. A budy of mine that has an account with them called them yesterday and was told that anyone can now apply (they just recently started allowing this) but you can not get the insurance (just banking services and credit cards, lines and loans)
  9. The only "decent" on is Targus, we use it for hundreds of your customers. Not cheap but better than the rest.
  10. Anyone can now apply for a checking account and/or a credit card at usaa you don't need to be in the military anymore! www.usaa.com
  11. Browse this site, there is a lot of good information on what to do. Specially in the stickies.
  12. I got CCT and pull daily, that will create bumpage of the TU. Not sure how it works but I know it does, I just realized that I actually got 4 INQ's removed in the last 2 weeks because of this!
  13. That must be it!!! and then I check online and see that I got a INQ bumped using CCT for the first time too... down to 4 INQ's on TU!!! YAY Again!
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