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  1. Thank you so very much. I just realized that due date to answer Interrogatories and Notice to answer truth of Facts is today. I copied and pasted your answer and made several changes necessary, and will do according to what you said. My court date is July 22. I am still nervous to answer questions on court. Your lawyer seems to be very very experienced in this regard. Could I have his contact, please, for any preparation that i need to make before court? Yesterday, Pressler and Pressler called me to ask whether I want to settle. They didn't reveal the amount of settlement. But in the end
  2. Hi, Ac_nyc: I am in nyc. Midland funding has sent me INterrogatories and Notice to admit Truth of facts separately. I am thinking of how to reply these two letters. From their letter, they want my reply to be notarized at the page bottom. My question: Do I have to notarize my answer by law? Or if I notarize, it will work towards my benefit? Midland funding is trying to put a judgment of 6800 on me. Goodness sake, I never ever would have charged that much on my credit card. I am within the SOL as well. The whole thing is just about the same as your case. I have filed an ANSWER to the Brook
  3. I got a notice from mail from Pressler and Pressler (attny for Midland) that says Midland Funding filed a complaint with NYC. county of Kings, and advises me to find a lawyer and appear in court's clerk to file an answer. Their letter postmark is May 22, 2009. I am planning to register mail to Pressler and Pressler my reply today june 17. In my answer, I basically copied a format found here. However, this format doesn't ask for proof of evidence from Plaintiff. My question is : at what point, do I send them a letter requesting for original proof of docs? Thanks very much. folks. I am c