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  1. So should I send them a 2nd validation letter and include a request for the Business Associate contract? CMRR? Thanks for all the replies
  2. It came from the CA - West Asset Management. It doesnt show any Dr charges. It shows charges like the ones above and other things like ER Level 1 and Level 2.
  3. ditaloca: I asked them for that information in my first letter. Do i request it again just with a shorter time period? I live in Oklahoma. I even put it in my letter telling them to contact me by mail only, Do not call my work home or cell phone. They stopped calling and asking for me and started calling and asking for my wife 2-3 times a day newryman: These arent exact but the charges show things like; 11/2007 Vicodin 5/500mg @ $6.60 Ankle xray @ $340 Foot Xray @ $360 Everything totals up to about $1300 then after insurance claims and "contract adjustment" its down to $343. Credit report shows Creditor Contact Information: Phone: (877) 411-7197Address:2703 N HIGHWAY 75, SHERMAN, TX WEST ASSET MANAGEMENT Account .....69 ___________Monthly Payment________Balance ________________N/A________________$343 High Balance..Date Open..Balance Date...Terms.......Account Owner..Past Due N/A...........09-2008......11-2008......001 month......Individual........$343 Remarks No remarks recorded
  4. What exactly must a CA respond with to a DV letter? I sent a dv to west asset management. I pulled my credit report a few weeks ago and saw 2 accounts from them totaling a little over $400. I planned on just doing pay for delete but when I called them they said "Oh No Mr. You dont owe us $400. You owe us $2500, but we will settle for $1500." So i sent the DV letter. I got something back from them for 1 of the debts ($340), but it simply looks like a printed Microsoft word Doc that anyone could have slapped my name onto. It shows the original creditor (local hospital) and a break down of medical charges from 07. Does this response validate or do i need to send another letter? If I do end up owning this legitimatly how do i go about finding if this CA is the correct tards to pay? Thanks