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  1. Thank you for your advise. I am going to think about this for a couple of day and contact an attorney next week.
  2. The address I have for Midland is out of state, how to I sue them? Not clear what this means.. PA AG ?
  3. My judgement was "with" prejudice! They wanted without and I refused to sign, they came back with prejudice. I was going to make a copy of the judgement should I also attach a cease and desist letter? FYI: The letter that I just received was dated 8-29-09 I am so sick of this. UGH!
  4. what is my next step? You know newryman this isn't funny! Just a waste of court time, money and my time. This is not my debt. But I found out that is dosen't matter that it isn't mine, Midland can take up as much court time as they want, they just want me to slip up so they can win a judgement. $%$%^%@! UGH!!!
  5. I cannot believe it!!! Today I received a letter from midland funding "Settlement Opportunity" In short it said: You won't want to miss out on this settlement opportunity offered to you my midland finding llc. we would like to offer you a positive and flexible option to resolve your account for 25% off the current balance. Are you kidding me? Can they still come after me? What is my next step? Doesn't my dismissal with prejudice mean anything?
  6. I have noticed by reading thru a lot of these forum postings you never know how the cases came out. I am here to say, that thru all my hard work and the advice of some good people on this site my case was finally dismissed with prejudice. I did end up talking to an attorney but never had the need to pay one to win this case. I don't think I did the smart thing, it caused a lot of frustration and stress. Even though this was NOT my debt I still had to fight to prove it wasn't. I advise you to at least contact an attorney to advise you on how to procede with your case. We have to put a stop to
  7. I am familiar with the attorney you are dealing with and the firm is low life scum sucking maggots. If you can't afford to pay an attorney to represent you go to Craig’s List, believe it or not the slow economy has even affected the lawyers and you can find one that is willing to represent you or advise you at a low cost. The firm you are dealing with is usually unprepared and don't have the documentation to back up the lawsuit. I have seen them in court before several Judges and it's the same story every time, asking for more time to get documentation, or waiting for you to slip up. Take a de
  8. Don't I want my day in court for exactly that reason? To request infront of the judge that the case is dismissed with prejudice? remove midland from Credit report, and to agree not to resell? They have to proof because this isn't my debt. All they will do by selling this is drag it thru another 5 months and have no proof, just a waste of court and my time. Can I just ignore the Dismissal? I don't want to sign it due to they want to dismiss without prejudice?
  9. This is in reference to an on going court case from march, I am being sued by Midland funding for and account that isn't mine, I have no record of ever opening account, never on my credit report, I have excellent credit, this is apparently 6 years old. We have been to mediation 2 times; judge is mad at lawyers for having no proof so far. Our final court date is scheduled for August 28th; I want my day in court since I am positive this isn't mine. Today I received a letter from plaintiff's attorney for dismissal "Stipulation to dismiss without prejudice" The letter just indicated please sign a
  10. Motion to compel? Why not dismiss? Apparently they have to evidence this is mine, they want me to subpeona for info from the creditor. This is dragging on forever, they served me in March, 4 months and they have no proof. enough is enough How do I end all this?
  11. today 7-15 plaintiff's lawyers finally answered my discovery. 2 weeks late (can they do that?) and knowing that I am representing myself they didn't answer on single question. Here are my discovery questions in brief 1.asking for credit card application with my signature * They respond objects on relevancy 2.Asked for credit agreement that states interest rate, grace terms of repayment * they respond plaintiff ordered from original creditor, currently not in possession, custody or control 3. Itemized statements or credit card statements that alleged amount of interest. *they answer vague incoh
  12. I have googles, and searched this site, no clue on how to start with request for admissions. No examples to be found. anyone with any other ideas? I would apperciate any help.