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  1. Yes but time consuming, difficult and takes a bit of balls. I got two deleted after I took them to court and fought them for some months. On the other hand, every situation is different. It just depends. It can't hurt to dispute, dispute, dispute!
  2. They may not be allowed to settle if they are collecting for the OC. That would be a deal the OC would have to make. If they own the debt and are the JDB then they can settle. It takes a few times. Nothing will happen overnight. Let them continue to call you and make them an offer everytime. If they decline, they will call back another day for the money. If the Debt is outside the Statute of Limitations, they have no right to collect anyway, send them a SOL letter. But yes, they can report a tradeline per every original tradeline.
  3. I have a JDB doing that right now but they don't report to my CRAs so I really don't care about it.
  4. How can the CapOne (OC) TL carry a recent balance of $900 if the account shows it was already charged off? I disputed and it came back affirmed. Doesn this mean CapOne never sold the debt to a JDB?
  5. I have a friend with two medical collections. The collectors are not JDB. They are collecting. The debt is 5 yrs. old. The SOL in our state is 3 yrs. Do I have right to ask they discontinue reporting a junk debt?
  6. No you probably won't. They threaten as a modus operandi but seldom ever follow through. Don't sweat it. Just change your number.
  7. THXXX! I have a confimation number but can't access my report via the website. No 800 number anywhere!?!
  8. Make sure the collection agency is licensed to collect in your state, if not file a dispute with them about it and let them know you do not pay unlicesned collectors. #2. Just because you do not have the money, doesn't mean you can't get a collector to stop reporting. Some will stop reporting if you agree to a payment plan. It's worth a shot. Lastly, dispute everything. You never know...
  9. Is the "date closed" the same as the charge-off date? Eq continues to report (after many disputes), an "L" or charge-off on "Nov 2009". The problem is that account was closed by the grantor and written off on "Sept 2005". What's stranger is the progression of the account history. Which goes "4/05-1, 5/05-2, 6/05-3, 7/05-4, 8/05-4, 9/05-4, 10/05-4, then finally jumps to 11/09-L". Prior to this the account history was correct. It was after I made a dispute for another topic the history got so botched up. I asked the OC and they said the account was in fact charged off on 9/05. I also have UDF's
  10. I previously had a paid medical collection account deleted and the FAKO went up 100+ pts. as opposed to paying it status "paid" which score estimator put at 60+ pts. Now my poor mother, her collector is telling her to pay it and FICO will be the same as if the account was deleted? Is this baloney?
  11. My close friend (who is a Corporate Attorney) and I had a conversation this weekend catching up on our lives. We talked about families and wives. The conversation came around to work. I told him about my recent endeavor into the world of Small Claims Court and suing my creditor. The case was a success and settled but he didn't even question why. His words verbatim follows... "Of course we don't want to get mixed up in Small Claims Court, it's a Kangaroo Court, a f*cking zoo in there! We never know how it's going to come out and Small Claims is notorious for this. Protocol is out the window and
  12. Anyone have any ideas how much an 6 year old charge off for $8000 dollars is impacting my FICO? Rest of my report is perfect. My last FICO was about from 691-694/EQ-TU with the charge off. I'd like to know if anyone has any experience deleting and old C/O and what improvement did they see?
  13. I have a Charge off and the balance reads $1400. Shouldn't it read $0 for balance? Also, KD's are reported every month.