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  1. I need some math help. I’m being sued for 1,299.37. In the summons they say my current balance is 949.37 + 350 in fees. In my state, IL, I looked up the usury laws and they are as follows: Legal 5% Usury 9% Judgment is 5% I’m not sure if this matters but on my credit report the amount that was written off was 640. I’m not sure how to figure out if what they say I owe, based on the allowed percentages is correct. The last payment date was 11/06…….if that helps too.
  2. Well I was just served. Along with the summons was the card agreement that has no signature on it. I haven’t seen it yet, my babysitter signed for it. Not sure what my next step is.
  3. My biggest question here is what if I never get served? Someone is always at home now that my sister watches my children, I was home all last week with my son who had the flu, when I spoke to the lady at the court house my address is correct down to the apartment number…..what I’m getting at is I’m not hard to find and with this date coming up soon I would assume I should have been served something by now. I have received nothing from these folks. No letter, no call. Is it common to be served 2 weeks before your due in court? If I do not get served can I ask the judge to throw this out based on improper service? I read the laws in IL and they state a person can serve you or by certified mail. Thanks for looking that up for me, I found that too but I’m not sure who these people are. Lawyer, debt collector. I guess I shouldn’t get all that worked up until I get to the court house and see what they filed.
  4. I need some help searching to see if these guys are licensed to collect in my state. I posted in the ask a lawyer section regarding being sued by chase. The company suing me on their behalf is JRSI Inc. I can’t seam to find anything on these guys. I’m trying to get all my ducks in a row here. This was the one debt I never sent a validation letter to. Stupid oversight on my part. I’m rather nervous about this whole thing. I’m not sure what to do here; I’ve never been through this before. I’ve been reading everything under the sun. I know I owe something, surely not the amount the people from JRSI are saying I owe. I’ve been reading about settlement offers, what to expect in court…….my mind is just a huge mess. According to my credit report it went from 200 in 06 to 640. On my credit report it states the 640 was written off and in the creditor’s statement part it says, purchased by another leader. I’m assuming the other lender was JRSI. Nowhere on my report does it state who now has this debt.
  5. A few weeks ago I posted regarding being sued by some unknown company. I have a court date set for the 28th of this month and I’m finally going to the court house tomorrow to get all the paper work I can regarding this. From what the court clerk told me over the phone the people who are suing me are doing so on behalf of chase. According to my credit report I owe 640. Last payment date was 12/06. How it went from 200 to 640……maybe all the fees they charge, I’m not sure. On the court website it states the amount owed is between 1,001-1,500. That’s not the amount owed, I have my current credit report. I know I still have time to get served, a lot of people I have spoken to told me they were served at least a month prior to the court date. How would I go about searching rules about being served based on my state, I’m in IL? I’m thinking since I have yet to get to the court house I can’t really do a whole lot. I’ve never been sued before so I’m asking what steps to take, how to prepare, what to bring with me and what questions I should ask.
  6. I’m about to shoot my self in the foot out of pure frustration. I received a letter for asset and here is what it says: Dear Me, Please be advised that documents to support our claim in connection with the above account have been ordered and will be forwarded to you upon receipt in the office. Should you have any questions please call……… From the way I interpreted this letter they are reporting false information on my CR based on the fact that they have nothing to show for this debt they say I owe. When I disputed this issue with the credit agencies it came back as verified. How can that be when they just admitted they have nothing to show? Any advice on what to do now?
  7. Here is what one part of the letter says: As a result of our investigation we have determined the information we are reporting is accurate. However, we have reported your account as disputed to the credit reporting agencies. To make things even more complicated the first letter they sent me I owed: 1003.70. On my credit report it states: 1012. When I disputed this with the CRA the only one who removed it was Transunion. Not even two days later this one account, the gym one was picked up by Portfolio recovery. So now I have two collectors collecting on the same debt. How can that be?
  8. I've had a hard time defining what a gym membership would fall under. If it’s considered a written contract, in IL that’s 10 years so no. The default date is May of 05. The OC isn’t even on my credit report.
  9. I received what I really don’t consider debt validation regarding an asset account. They sent me a letter with my name, OC, amount due and the last four numbers of my SS number. I asked them for proof, something with a signature, not some document I can simply put together in Word. My question is this: I have received two letters from them before I got this envelope full of crap. The balance keeps changing from the original amount due. It went from: 1003.70 1012.86 1022.02 How is that possible? And the amount changed that much with in two weeks. What should my next step be with this? Should I send another letter requesting something with a signature like I did the first time or is it time to write the OC? This debt goes back to 05 and its a gym membership. I desputed this with the CRA's all ready. Not sure what my next move should be.
  10. Sorry for the million questions. I should just wait until the end of the week and then post all I have. In my last post, the one about Arrow I did contact a lawyer, hoping they call back today and I’ll let you guys know what is going on. I do have two new questions. When I disputed my issues on my credit report a collection for Midland Credit Management was removed by all three. Yesterday the first letter ever came from them. My question is should I dv them or just leave it alone? Since it was removed from my report can they put it back on? I don’t want to miss that 30 days or its mine thing. Next is my all time favorite collector of all time, Asset Acceptance. I sent them a dv letter, C&D letter, all certified, got the green card that said it was signed for on the 18th of August. Yesterday in the mail I get a lovely letter giving me two options, pay this amount or call to set up payment arrangements. The letter is dated the 20th of August; the envelope has the post office scan that dates the 21 of August. Since they got my “leave me alone letter” on the 18th, sending that letter was a nono right, or is it their final attempt to collect. The one from Asset, I will fight to the death not to pay. It is a collection from a fitness club, and this company would not let me close my membership after I found out I was pregnant with a high risk pregnancy. I did everything they told me, letter from doctors, spe******ts. Asset can suck it because I’m not paying a dime. I’m in IL and how long can they collect on a gym membership? I’m not to sure about that one. The OC fell off my report 2 years ago.
  11. The date I pulled my credit report is 6-24-09, the date of the letter from Arrow is 8-21-09. So what is one to do? Right now I would like to know what I should do to get this mess off my credit report, or should I not bother with it, call a lawyer and go from there?
  12. It was one of those large envelope window ones. Their address is at the top right and mine was bottom right. It didnt state who the letter was from, it had a PO Box address on the top right. The odd thing is I have no idea how they got my work address. I never once got a letter from them stating I owe anything. They just popped up on my credit report. So do advise on what I should do here? Also how do I get this mess off of my credit reports?
  13. Also if I may add, on August 12 I sent them a c&d letter. At the top of my letter was my home address……they sent this letter stating nothing was ever reported to my work address!
  14. Here is what it says on my reports: ARROW FINANCIAL SERVICE Address: 5996 W TOUHY AVE NILES, IL 60714 (800) 279-0224 Account Number: XXXX Original Creditor: PREMIER BANKCARD INC Address Identification Number: XXXXXX Status: Collection account. $407 past due as of Jul 2009. Status Details: This account is scheduled to continue on record until Jun 2013. This item was verified and updated on Jul 2009. Date Opened: 01/2009 Date of Status: 04/2009 Reported Since: 04/2009 Last Reported Date: 07/2009 Type: Collection Terms: 1 Months Monthly Payment: $0 Responsibility: Individual Credit Limit: $365 High Balance: N/A Recent Balance: $407 Recent Payment: $0 Account History: Collection as of Apr 2009 to Jul 2009 Your Statement: Account information disputed by consumer (Meets requirement of the Fair Credit Reporting Act).
  15. I sent the CRA’s validation letters early July. Here is what they state regarding this: Experian: said it was verified and was updated Transunion: New information below: Collection account Equifax: This belongs to me, verified, reported correctly and now belongs to Arrow.
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