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  1. Actually 3 and I was going to PFD instead I will complain. It's past the SOL anyway.b
  2. Wooh Holy Smoke!! I see another CRA on that list that froze my account a few years back and took 700 bucks to Them!!!
  3. Ahem meaning the debt is past the SOL and I specified that in the letter. Forgot to mention that in the previous post.
  4. Lol! Thanks guys now I know what to expect. I'm going to rock back on my porch with my gun cocked. (aka letters of mass destruction)
  5. Hi Folks, I am hoping to hear from some of you wise folks. I am a recovering graduate student . I went straight from undergrad to grad. Two things went wrong. (1) I thought I was going to graduate in Spring 2008 and was actually missing a course and by the time I found out it was too late to enroll. Since I had been a graduate student for a year my loans were due immediately (I just learned this). (2) Simultaneously, I was unemployed. I contacted the gods at DL and told them my situation I sent a deferment request for being unemployed. They never processed it and it is now a shiny bump on my
  6. 30 days has past and RJM has stopped attempting to collect debt from me. Is the fire over?
  7. Hi, I am confused with the instructions on DV from a CRA. On 2 CRAs they have a debt on their that is past the SOL in NYS which is 7 years. But the instructions is talking about writing a letter to CA telling them that its zombie debt. I'm not in contact with this ancient collector it only appears on my CR with a balance of 102 from 10 years ago.. My question is ....I have waited past the 30 days to respond to CRA do I send "them" the zombie debt letter or call? Thanks!
  8. Good point. They sent me an offer for $250 with 179 bucks in fees:shock: get real. I told them if they increased the credit limit I would consider it. Geez. Will look into BOA.
  9. Heh heh, Good idea. What I've done is refuse to speak to anyone whatsoever they had to send everything to me in writing. I don't talk to the devil- to avoid emotional traps and stuff. & I followed what was posted on the board about DV. That's way safer to me than that. it's not my Student Loan it was for something else totally. I will respond to them with an intent to sue and a command to cease from trying to collect zombie debt. No convo nada. Hope that helps.
  10. Whooo whoo rock me amadaeus. I just got back my CR from TU. I submitted 9 disputes and 4 were deleted. There is one that I know is beyond the SOL in terms of reporting or claiming and best of all it's from a CA. So I am salivating while waiting to call this CRA to verify how they said I owed mr. Calvary Portfolio services. I anticipate that being deleted from my report. Now...while I wait I have to gather data proving that I was in a grace period from Student Loans and shouldn't be penalized. Love this site!!! I feel so empowered..
  11. Love the avatar! & Thanks. So what really happened was my the student loan people had to be reminded constantly that I was slaving away on a master degree and still in school so my loans were to be placed in deferment. They went ahead and reported it as late to the credit bureaus. At the time I didn't know better and bad information was placed on my report. Now, I'm anxiously waiting for responses from the three Cs to see what they have to say and how much my score has inched forward. When the 16th finally crawls around I'll call to verify how they verified the data and proceed from there
  12. Sent a letter to Innovis and the big 3 Cs and I received my Innovis report back. Which basically just had on it student loan information which all are in the SOL. Good news! I have one deletion. So now I'm going to wait until 3 days past the 30 day mark and call them to verify how they verified this debt. The actual error is on the part of the department of education whom I had to bug a thousand times to inform them that I have an in school deferment. So they reported my data anyway. Can't wait until next week!
  13. Denita - thanks for the info I'm going to join a local CU in my area. Slow Eddie - I finally opened my mail and have an offer from first premiere I'll check them out though. Not sure if they report to CRAs etc. Cashman and Esquire - will look into BOA to be honest that's a lot of money for me to just plunk down. Thanks guys!
  14. Hi guys, Thanks for the feedback. I re-read the section on sending it snail mail and learned that its a better bet to to send it via snail mail so that there is evidence of the transaction.