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  1. I got a phone call from my 15 year old todat saying that some guy came to the door and asked how old she was and then handed her a summons for debt to a collection company. I live in Washington state. This debt is a result of 2 medical surgeries that I had in 2007. The total cost of the surgeries was over $60,000 and all except $3500 was paid by my insurance. I never received any billings from the hospital, and the first time I came aware of the debt was when the collection company called me demanding payment in full or 3 monthly payments of $1100 each. Because I do not have that amoutn of money, i did not do anything (wrong, I know). So, know I have this summons (that was served to my 15 yr old), and I am not sure what to do. 1. Can they serve a summons to a minor? 2. My ex husband is also listed on the summons. We were not marreid during the time of the debt. 3. Had I known that there was a balance after the insurance company paid I would have tried to negotiate with the Hospital (they received 94% of the payment form the insurance company). Is it too late to go back and work something out with the Hospital? 4. If this proceeds and they garnish my wages, I will not be able to pay any of my bills, and may have to file bankruptcy. How can I prevent this from happening. Thank you!