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  1. I have searched the forum. I am not on the house myself. She did a Bankruptcy under the old law. She asked to reinstate the house, the bank didn't even though the reinstatement paper work was sent to the mortgage company. The mortgage company didn't reinstate. She is still paying on the house. The BK lawyer checked the court record no reinstatement was found. So I have some questions Is her house discharged, reinstated or in limbo? If discharged, can she walk out without the bank coming after her? If discharged and she files a New BK, does she included the house in the BK or not? The 10 year time limit is almost up. Assuming the house is discharged she walks out and the bank can't come after her. Can they still report it as a foreclosure on her credit report even though it was discharged? Thank you for this information in advance.
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