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  1. Also--After reading the link nascar sent- I found this "You may qualify for discharge of a loan you received if, at the time you enrolled at the school and borrowed, you had a physical... condition, ...because of which State law would prohibit you from being employed in the field for which the training was designed to prepare you." In my former profession I would not be considered or permitted to do my former job now by state law and licensing. I guess I have some thinking to do about which route is quickest or would best apply. With SSi they back date (only a few years) and that could be the real issue. Figuring out the last dat e I attended and applied vs the date ssi has on file???
  2. Nascar- THANK YOU! great information- I may try- it may get a little sticky because my last time I tried to finish school I dropped out due to my disability worsening and migraines. I didn't get disability solely on migraines - i think my Dr would be more than willing to fill out the papers. Is it better to call and make contact with allied or just print the information from the site/link you posted. If I contact allied - I would hope to delay the garnishment- the letter states due to start in March if left unattended.
  3. Yesterday, i received notice that Sallie mae was going to garnish my ssi/disability check because they have not been able to contact me. They had my old address at a family members home. Anyway- they can take up to 15%- SSi is not judgement proof as I had thought previously. Today- I called the 1800 from the Irs paperwork - automated system had me enter my information then told me allied interstate has my account and to call them to work out payment. Now- I need to know the next step for my situation- the loan is in default and I was on economic hardship status previously- * if/when i call allied- they will want currant information- address and phone numbers- I think I have delt w/ them before and it was very unpleasant to say the least - I want to be prepared! * I was told long ago that once you become disabled they can not go after you--which I think is untrue-- please advise - *Ps this site needs a section for those of us on disability and proper procedures or laws- I would be happy to contribute and promote the section to others I know who could benefit.
  4. Thanks Nascar- Is there anything I can do at this point to remove it from my credit or am i sunk?
  5. Post judgment question: Here is where I stand on a payday loan judgment. I have a judgment issued for payment of this loan in the amount of $250 listed on my credit report. When I continuously go to court for the judgment to provide information on assets and income, I get harassed into signing a promise to pay. (does this restart the SOL in Kansas?) I get told I can’t leave the court until I either pay something that day or promise to pay more than my original offer. They list the debt as $800 w/ interest. But nowhere is that amount on my credit report. I have called the original creditor to try and settle along with the collection attorneys. (Now, I know I should have wrote a letter) They refuse to settle for less than $600. I refused to settle at that amount. What should be my next step? Things to note about creditor.. ➢ Continuously pulls my credit report every 3 mo. ➢ Local law firm and creditor What do you suggest that I do?
  6. This exact thing happend to me a few weeks ago. I am always careful and the balcance w/ pending is always accurate. Well, I dont know what changed in the last month but WHOA!!!! I kept putting my savings in to top off my account and the rest is history.
  7. xdancexI had to call.. BUT I am doing the happy dance xdancexas when I called I added a credit item. It got removed!!! More to come...
  8. Hi Newbie here, I have been working on removal of inquiries and more. I have an item on my CR from Sprint but the CA is Cavalry Portfolio. If I read the workflow correctly I should be validating w/ the CRA 1st not simultaneous w/ the Creditor? I wait for the green card and the letter or notification from the credit bureau then if they validate then send a DV letter to Cavalry. Right? From what I gathered when looking up cell phone debt and Cavalry Portfolio that they will have a hard time proving the debt and I should not accept the bill as proof. They need to send a contract. (wait, I just noticed I spelled Cavalry as Calvary so my search didn’t pull much) As far as the SOL it isn’t up. (Kansas) its listed as: TranUnion- Cavalry Portfolio Service/…/Sprint pcs Date open: 12/06 Balance $871 Original creditor: 11Sprint pcs ***Date of status 07/09 (I HAVE NOT HAD ANY CONTACT) Account Status: Automated Account *** Why does the date keep changing? I know it says automated so does it post every month? They have not tried to contact me. I would know because they were super rude! No calls or letters. The PO has my change of address. Experian- Cavalry Portfolio Services/…/Sprint PCS Date Open: 12/06 Balance date: 07/09 Balance: $871 Orig Creditor: Sprint Pcs Date of status: Account Status: Account seriously past due Side note: I did dispute a credit inquiry from Cavalry PS that I did not authorize w/ XPN (Experian) Does it look like I am on the right track w/ this debt? Is there anything I am forgetting? Thanks, B_G ☺ *This is getting addicting especially since I am starting to understand the process.
  9. ****I too am a big fan. the more I look around at their website I find jewels like sample letter for multiple situations, updated credit score. information about disputes and so much more. I have been writting a lot of letters today and the PA has helped alot in combo from what I find here. **** Well, until a few hours ago when i called to see when my CR would be updated. I decided to call them and ask after I saw posts about other programs getting instant update access. Well, I called to only find out my next CR would be issued in 4, yes, FOUR MONTHS!!! I asked when i could see my score updates and they said when my CR was issued. She did tell me that if anything is removed it should be emailed to me me but she didn't sound sure. I asked her to cancel my account and she gave me some LONG song and dance why I shouldnt and if someone stole my ID and then i wanted to come back they couldn't help me. blah blah... Then she told me they already billed me YESTERDAY! I asked for a sup and after letting the SUP know they delayed letting me access the system and messed up my account info. (which they did-long story) I was refunded the payment and my account cancelled. SHEESH!
  10. Well, looks like I have to do this snail mail but I am in a state that Experian doesn't deal w/ directly. I have a Florida address that I can use but I dont want to chance my credit info going there. Thanks for the info... I ran into an issue with my dispute in verifying who I am. ( this always happens to me) Never the less great info posted!!
  11. Well I just read the fine print on the rush card.. says *RushPath to Credit will not help your current credit rating, record, or history with credit agencies that currently do not accept RushCard transaction history as part of their credit rating system. This is for the additional RP to credit program...
  12. So is it worth getting a Prepaid cc that reports to L/n and PBRC (Rush card). I would assume that the have to report to one of the big three CRA. ???
  13. Ok thank you. I am going to request something in writing from the CA.
  14. Is it too late to dispute a claim on my credit report that says I owe a CA $250 when they bill me or claim I owe $800? I do have a judgement listed for this same CA. I need to go double check my report but the amount is not listed for the judgement. I was reading on this site in the Credot repair kit that I can dispute my CR for Wrong amount. Does this apply to my situation?
  15. You know I thought I gave you all the details. You dont have to be rude. Im new at this. Yes, I am aware they can't take my money. I didn't say they were. I said I would pay $25/mo this is a new agreement in the last 2 months. I have paid off and on over the years. The loan was from before my disability. Yes, If I choose not to pay w/ my disability money i would assume I would still have this on my credit report. right? They can't garnish and I don't have a house but I do have a new car. I came to this forum to learn and research. There is a wealth of information on this site. I have learned a lot and I have even started the system to keep trackof debt conversations, credit reports and more. It has helped me considerably. I just can't find information that pertains directly to this debt. Maybe I should ask in the legal forum? thanks for you help and advise, B-G
  16. I wonder how many others have done this or just fought it. Im going to go look up the DA number again. Any other advice would be appriciated. So I will be sending a settlement letter also. I guess I can go from there. I don't need a second job Im disabled and I do have some savings to pay it off. I just need to know how much intrest can accrue. I have seen different amounts and I don't know how they figure it. Is it monthly or on the whole debt? Like if its 4% intrest do they add 4% a month? vs to the total debt. (ouch my head is spinning)
  17. Point taken! lol yeah that was a long time ago for a car needed in a bad situation. Its not my habit.. this was in 2001 I think. I may have put the date in my 1st post. This lawyer drags me into court every time I dont pay. Its like clockwork. they are very hard nosed. I thought about paying them off to get them off my report. then I think about all the $$ I could save if I can get them to drop the case because they broke the law. ( if they did)
  18. thank you for your responce. Im not sure about the laws regaurding payday loans. I have tried to call the DA about the laws and the refer me to legal aid who NO LONGER does debt collections. I would love to have this off of my credit. since the orig bill was for 250 and now its quaduple the amount and still growing.
  19. I hope I included enough info about the situation for some advice. i plan on sending a letter with this months payment certified mail. Thanks!
  20. I just Googled credit decure and most of the results are negative. For what thats worth. Im a newbie at this but the idea of daily pulls for 30 day trial sounded good.
  21. Hi- Newbie here. I have spent a few weeks looking through the forum searching different info. I have found some great resources to help with my credit repair. I offered a settlement to the collection agency and they declined. This was over the phone. I wanted to feel them out. I am already making mo payments to them of $25. This loan is a payday loan from 2001 but filed for judgement as of 2003. I have had to go to court 2x's over this period for non payment. The original loan was $234 (as listed on my credit report) the total due now is over $800 and growing interest. I am in the state of Kansas and I looked up the statues as to how much interest can be added to my original debt. I called the AG and they could not help me or give legal advise. ( which is odd) So I called Legal aid and that is a mess. ( I got disconected) I need to know how the interest in figured. I think I may have the basis to fight this debt. When I went to court in May I offered to pay $15/ mo ( fixed income) They said no they would need more before I could go. So I agreed to $25/mo. Can they NOT let me leave court? As far the phone settlement they countered with $600 FIRM. I even called the original debtor and she said she already spoke to the attorney and she was firm on $600. Right now I am composing a setlement letter and I would like some guidance. Any idea what my next step should be?
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