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  1. i'll try to make a long story short. I really need your advise on where to start. i was a victim of identity theft when attempting to purchase a condo. Prior to closing i need to handle other things(more money down), of which i was not prepared to do at the time. so, i walked away from the property of interest. but the person acting as a realtor used my credit info to purchase a home in my name. i've been dealing with this for years. Recently rec'd a letter from the state of attorney's office in referrence to the case. The person was charged with identity theft/financial institution fraud. how do i proceed to get this loan off my credit. the loan is through accredited home lenders. Do i go through the CRA or OC? thx in advance for any advise shawillie
  2. :confused:Hello everyone! I'm very new to the site. just wanted to say hello and get directions of where to start. my problem is i was a victim of identity theft which resulted in the purchase of a home. the loan shows on my credit report. i recently rec'd a letter from the state attorneys office stating i was a victim. so how do i proceed with this letter. do i go to the credit reporting agencies first or to the OC? Thanks in advance for your direction here. shawillie