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  1. Another Law Firm, Weltman, Weinberg & Reis is attempting to collect on a repossessed RV with the original creditor being US Bank. This is the 3rd attempt to collect on the debt, dating back to June, 2009. The debt has been charged off per my credit report. The type of contract was a "Retail Installment Sale Contract." I live in California and I believe the SOL is 4 years from the last payment, which was June, 2008. I have followed the Debt Validation strategy for the previous two attempts and the CA's ceased attempts to collect. For the current CA, I sent the initial DV letter and they acknowledged receipt of it and sent to me a letter (via non certified mail), despite the letter demanding that all future correspondence be made via certified mail. This letter only contained a copy of the Retail Installment Sale Contract and nothing else. There was no referencing to the SOL or any other references as are asked for in the 1st DV letter nor was there any required action on my part. I am tempted to send my 2nd DV letter indicating that it has been 30 days since my first letter was received and there has been no correspondence via Certified Mail as the letter demanded. How should I finally address the SOL matter. Have the SOLs on this particular contract expired? And if so, at what point and what correspondence do I send them to let them know that this is now Zombie Debt? What is the best course of action?
  2. In 2009 a California Law firm attempted to collect on a reposssed vehicle. I used the Debt Validation process with the initial Law firm and it worked on them in Sept, 2009. After sending them the letters, they failed to respond. On my credit report it says "collection/chargeoff". In the past month, I was contacted by another collection company, Integrity Financial Partners, trying to collect on this amount of $110,000 for the RV. I may also have a case where SOL comes into play with my last payment being made in MArch/April, 2008. A Few days ago I received letters from Integrity Financial Partners (via regular mail, not certified) very similar to what the law firm sent me in Sept, 2009. The letter indicates they are being contraced by US Bank to collect on an overdue account and giving me 30 to contact them. What should my course of action be at this time. Start the Debt Validation process again, take the SOL route....please help!
  3. This forum is indicative of the situation I am in with a home that foreclosed and sold at a Trustee's Sale in August of 2008. Here are the circumstances of the situation: 1. Refinanced both the 1st and HELOC in June, 2006 with GMAC, home located in Nevada. 2. Stopped making payments in Aug, 2007 (or thereabouts) 3. 1st mortgage, Foreclosed and was recorded on Aug 8th, 2007. 4. Received a letter from GMAC dated March 17th, 2011 that the draw period on the account will expire on June 30th, 2011 and the outstanding principle balance is $85,000 and the payments will begin immediately. 5. My credit report "Pay Status" indicates this account has been categorized as "collection/chargeoff." and the remarks indicate it has been "charged off as bad debt" or "unpaid balance reported as a loss by the grantor." After my wife and I spent $3500 for a failed attempt using a lawyer to help modify our existing loan for primary residence in California, we were severely crippled financially. However, I found a better job, and continued making my payments and Chase actually offered to restructure my 1st mortgage, not the HELOC. We do not have any money left over. I am in sales and own my vehicle outright. I have successsfully fended off a collection agency when they attempted to collect on a repossed RV using the DV strategy. Questions 1. What steps should I take to address this situation with GMAC? 2. Have the SOL expired since my last payment fo this account was in August, 2007? 3. According to the credit report, the amount has already been charged off and reported as a loss so why is GMAC sending me correspondence and not a collection company? Please help...
  4. What should I start reading? I used the debt validation process on this web site to prevent a law firm from collecting on a 6 figure amount for a repossed RV. Will this process work for this credit card that last received a payment from me in Sep, 2008?
  5. What if I already lost an investment home due to foreclosure on the first back in May, 2008 and I just received a letter from GMAC (also the noteholder of the 1st that was foreclosed) syaing that my initial draw period on the HELOC would be ending at the end of June, 2011. What can I do to get out of this situation? Will this letter work?
  6. My wife and I have a joint Capital One credit card account that is now closed and our last payment was around Sept, 2008 and on my credit report it shows "collection/chargeoff" and the last activity was reported on March 6th, 2011 on my credit report. I have recently received a statment from Cap One saying that I owe a Past Due amount but then it goes silent. What are your recommendations? The past due amount is listed as $25,697.
  7. I followed the DV strategy and it worked. THe law firm did not respond to any of my letters and there was no further action. Because of this course of action by the CA, what can I do to have this removed from my credit report?
  8. I have sent my initial debt validation letter (via registered mail) to the Winn Law group and have not received any response. Looking at the DV flow chart, it indicates I wait anothe 15 days past the 30 days before I send them the 15 Courtesy follow up letter. Two things, first, what does the 15 day f/up letter look like (didn't see it in the sample letter library) and second, why do we have to wait to send it 15 days after the 30 day deadline?
  9. I received a non-registered letter from the Winn Law Group in Fullerton, CA on July 21st, 2009 for a Motor Home that was repossessed last August and sold at auction for a price less than what I was going to sell it for. The amount due is $110,000. I have successfully settled with B of A on one credit card, but still owe nearly $46,000 on other un-secured debt. I am presently working with an attorney to restructure my mortgage payments to remain in my home. I am in sales and am concerned that the Law firm will try to take my vehicle as collatteral. Please advise as to what should be my first step.
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