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  1. Served for sure. I even called the court clerk to make sure it was real because it was a plain clothed guy. But I did not hear from them previously about this - so that's in violation of the law - they have to notify you of the debt first don't they?
  2. Radio Shack has stuff - unless ur dead broke. If that's the case - then do something like the earlier poster said - gabcast.com or one of the other free ones - only trick - you have to 3 way the gabcast.com or talkshoe.com and you could maybe screw it up.
  3. I had an account about 2.8 years ago default in Texas - it was $3,000 when I stopped being able to make payments. They've jacked it up another 1300. plus attorney fees 1023. Now bottom feeder (so I read) Arrow Financial is suing by local lawyer. This site is so amazing and thanks for all the time you guys put in. Have two questions to ask (out of 100 really!) #1 Would like to know more about their loss is their fault because they bought the debt. I saw this from your site "Plaintiff admits to purchasing the defaulted debt allegedly owned by the Defendant, causing Plaintiff's injury to its own