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  1. Hi, I fell behind in court ordered payments to a collection agency. I called this collection agency to see if I could pay all I owe them now at this point in time to bring the account current, only to find that since the last time I had paid this collection agency, they had transferred my account to another collection agency! I have not received any notification that this transfer had taken place. I have not received any late notices on payments, nothing regarding this matter from this current collection agency holding this debt. This has been since 10 months ago. What do I do now? What
  2. Hi (Happy New Year!) I have been living in California for 37 years. I did have a very rough patch 4 years ago with creditors, which I am starting to work my way out of that he**hole (Thank God!). I received this collection notice today from a Canadian collection agency today. The thing is that I had never, ever been to Canada in my whole life. This company, Four Star Capital Services, says that they had bought this debt from one of my former creditors. In the letter, they name a creditor who held this account. They give an account number, which has no remote correlation to any account n
  3. Dear fightthemdontfold, Thank you for your response. This debt was with at least two CA's in the past 2 1/4 years. This "law firm" is out of state in NY. They are a law firm out there, specializing in collecting medical debt. They seemed to have recently gotten into consumer debt, at least from what I have read about them online. They do mention who their "client" is. I researched who is their "client", but could not find anything online. All I'd seen was this mysterious webpage with the "client's" name on it, with a phone number identifying the area code (516), and the phone number is in a
  4. Hi! I had posted earlier today concerning my situation. I would like to know how tell if a law firm is contacting you concerning your debt and not a collection agency posing as a law firm? Thank you for your time.
  5. Hi! I had just received a validation letter today from this law firm/collection agency called Baker, Sanders, Barshay, Grossman, Fass, Muhlstock & Neuwirth. They are verifying this debt that is in possession by their client, whom I have never heard of named Pride Acquisitions LLC. (This debt was Chase's.) I had tried researching Pride Acquisitions LLC, and I only get this highly suspicious webpage that only has the name Pride Acquisitions LLC on it and a phone number with only the area code displayed (516). The phone number is all in zeros! They are telling me that there is no attorney wh
  6. Hi! Has anyone heard of Pride Acquisitions LLC? Has anyone heard of Baker, Sanders, Barshay, Grossman, Fass, Mulstock and Neuwirth, LLC? I had received a validation notice today from this Baker, Sanders, Barshay, etc, LLC, and they had stated that their client is Pride Acquisitons LLC. I had tried researching Pride Acquisitions LLC online, and all I've seen is this extremely suspicious website with only the company's name on it's webpage. What I would do next would be to send a validation letter back to them, right? Thank you for your time! Sincerely, Maddie6
  7. Hi! I had this Sears account that I'd stopped paying on in 11/2008 because of losing my job. I had owed $9000 on this account at that time. I have been busy dealing with other overdue accounts that I have had since then. Last week on 1/7/2011, I'd received this settlement letter from this credit agency called Credit Control, LLC. They state that the current creditor on this debt is LVNV Funding, LLC. They state that the original creditor is Sears (my old account). In this letter, they state that they will settle my debt for $541.32. They then state the notification clause of having up to 30 da
  8. Hello! I had received two notices of conditional settlement from this one same law firm on this debt settlement/stipulation case that I had agreed to. I had thought that once I had agreed to and fullfilled the settlement payments outlined in the stipulation, that this would be it in regard to taking care of this case. I have a number of questions about these two notices. Both of these notices are both pertaining to the same case, but they have different request for dismissal dates on them. One letter even states a trial date. I am confused as to why there were two notices sent out. Anyhow: T
  9. Hi! It's been awhile since I'd been here, and I am still dealing with my debt and unemployment issues. This is the latest, of which I need advice with: I had received this letter from Chase concerning one of my credit accounts. Here is the text of the letter: _____________________________________________ Re: Your account ending in XXXX Dear XMX: We have attempted to provide payment solutions to resolve your outstanding debt on your credit card account for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, we have been unable to reach an arrangement with you. As a result, your account will be sold to a
  10. ARS National Services, Inc. with a 1-800 number: 1-800-308-9568 Thank you everyone for all of the good work on this website!
  11. Thank you for the list, Amerikaner83!
  12. Hi! Thank you everyone for the information and suggestions given on removing my husband's name off of my Wells and Discover accounts. Now, I have another question to ask pertaining to the action being taken on the part of Discover. Discover stated that they have removed his name from "the above referenced account" (my account) as an authorized user. But, after that statement, they also made this statement: "The history on the account will continue to report, however there will be no future reporting." What does this mean? Thank you again for your time and attention to my messages! Sincerely
  13. Hi All! Please see my other post concerning this situation in the credit repair-credit bureau forum. Both of the two creditors involved in our situation are removing my husband's name from those two accounts, thank God! All he did was ask them, and they agreed. Now, we are going to submit disputes with the credit bureaus, and monitor them to make sure that his name is cleared from those accounts, and with the reports from the credit bureaus. If anyone knows how long it takes in removing a name from a credit account, and in having it finally show as clear in a credit report, I would appreciate
  14. Hi RippedOff! Thank you for your response. Alot has happened since I had added my post here on the forum. My husband has since spoken to the two credit card companies, requesting that he be removed from these accounts. They had said that they will remove him from the two accounts. The next thing he will do is enter disputes with the CB's for removal. How long did it take for them to remove the authorized user from your accounts- both at the credit card issuer's, and at the CB's? And, have you or your authorized user been monitoring the CB's to make sure that the authorized user does not receiv
  15. Hi Forum! I will place this here in this forum, as this is related to credit repair. In Jan 2009, my husband and I were trying to obtain a 6-figure refinance home loan for loan consolidation purposes, and home improvement. I was just laid-off from my job in Nov. 2008. We were trying to complete all of the documentation requests from our lender as expediently as as we could. One of the requests was to add my husband onto two of my credit cards so that he would look like he had some sort of credit history, because he has no credit card history. I did just as was asked. I had placed his name on