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  1. Thank! I will definitely check into that one!
  2. Great advice, I bank with BoA and I never thought to open a secured card. I think I will get on the first thing in the morning. I'm not sure if you have a Lacks Furniture store near you, but with steady employment and proof of income (current pay check stub), they offered me a $1000 credit line. I bought a couch and coffee table. I paid off the balance that exceeded the thousand dollars and have been making payments on the rest. They report to all three creditors and offer more credit once it is paid off. That might help you out too! I'll keep my eyes and ears open for more good deals and let you know what I find! Thanks Melody, and it was nice hearing from you!
  3. Hi! I'm new on this board, and just like you all, I am looking to shape up my credit, and learn more about my rights. I am fairly young, mid-twenties, but I have already experienced a life time of damage to my credit. From ER bills to my ex abandoning me with rent that I couldn't afford and dinging my credit to the tune of $10,000+ (which, by the way, my name had been removed from the lease before he left me but the property mgmt STILL reported me). Anyway, I am about to get married to a wonderful man and I want to clean up my credit as soon as possible so that we may buy a house together soon. Other than the delinquent ER bills and the $10,000 bill that isn't even mine, I have never had any other form of credit. Not a car loan, a credit card, a gas card, nothing! If it weren't for this bad credit, I'd have none. How can I get creditors to trust me, and allow me to start building some real credit? I have recently (with my fiancee as a co-signer) convinced a national furniture chain to extend me a small line of credit and have been prompt with every payment for a year now...so that's good, right? Other than that, what else can I try? Sears said no, JC Penny's said no, how can I start adding good credit? Ideas? Suggestions? Thanks a TON in advance! PS: again, I am new on here so if there is a huge thread that answers all of these questions for me, Im sorry that I haven't found it yet, but I will search around!
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