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  1. lilq

    What happened???

    I'm sure there are just "tons of hurt people" everywhere. I'm sure they are coming out of the woodwork. Too bad, we haven't had one complaint on this site from all of these "poor wounded souls." In fact, all I've heard on this site is great results from arbitration. I guess these "downtrodden people" are just too incredibly wounded, maybe they are even holed up in a cocoon, so they can't come on the board themselves and tell us how evil arbitration is. Ahhhh well, maybe after they've all recovered and completed their intensive 8 week therapy session they can come on here themselves and tell us how arbitration has destroyed their lives and removed all joy from their existence.
  2. They told everyone on the arbitration thread that the site was hacked and that's why trueq and MG05 couldn't get onto the site. Hmmmmm, maybe it's not true but you all be the judge. If they would be dishonest about the site being hacked, what else can't we trust them on?????
  3. lilq

    What happened???

    No, only in fairyland did something happen regarding arbitration.
  4. I think I'm speaking for everyone when I say I have no idea what the hell you just said. If this isn't a bunch of garbage I don't know what is. We don't have litigious mentalities, WE ARE THE ONES BEING SUED. And if we piss of some Capital One's execs who make more money then they are worth, then I CONSIDER THAT A GOOD DAY.
  5. Wow, Of all the people I'm most disappointed with, you are the one that hurts me the most.
  6. lilq

    My "success"

    In the state of Illinois, there is no answering a complaint and there is no discovery in small claims. So, no they aren't going to offer you a settlement if you do those two things, because you can't do them. They have a pared down system in Illinois and it hurts the debtor badly. It's a debt mill in the courts and it's near impossible for the defendant to fight.
  7. Nacar, I don't think this is funny. YOu all said the site was hacked. I want some reassurances that our information is safe.
  8. Last night, we were informed that this site was hacked and that there was a security breach. I would like the administrator of this site to enusure all of us that our information and email addresses were not stolen and our personal information compromised. CAN WE PLEASE BE UPDATED AS TO WHETHER OR NOT THE HACKERS BREACHED SECURITY WAS LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT CONTACTED AND IF SO WILL THERE BE A CASE NUMBER IN CASE OUR IDENTITIES WERE STOLEN? I'M WORRIED ABOUT THE SAFETY OF THIS SITE AFTER READING FLALAWYER'S POST. Just today, I had a notice from freecreditreport that someone had tried to obtain a credit card in my name. Thank God my credit suck!!!!!
  9. lilq

    Thanks everyone

    He still can't log on. He's tried.
  10. The 10 percent is what she said she could afford to pay her creditors. She stated that if they wouldn't accept 10 percent, then she'd have to file bankruptcy.
  11. If you can file chapter 7 and have every intention of doing so, I see no more downside than getting a judgment against you. (A letter of election is a far cry from initiation although you should be prepared to do just that) I think what some people, not you, but some people are missing here is that arbitration is used first and foremost as a negotiating tool against the OC when the odds in court are stacked against you. A letter to the court and to OC will put them on notice of your intent but probably won't get the ball rolling. Mostly it will be ignored by the OC, but if a MSJ is filed, you would certainly have something on record and you could use your notice to stop it. And it could be a bigger bargaining chip. Combine that with your ability to file BK and see what happens. Send notice to court, OC and attorney for OC and wait to see if you get another phone call. Then make them an offer that you can live with.
  12. Sorry CC, I was just making a point. You see, if anyone dares mention Arbitration on the other sections of this site, they are admonished, because if someone is interested in arbitration, they are told to post on the arbitration site, like you did. But I guess it's ok to post other methods under arbitration, even though you were clearly asking about arbitration since that's part of your title. to answer your question, You could most certainly cut off a lawsuit by electing and initiating arbitration, but to expect some OC's to settle for 10 percent even with the threat of arbitration, might be expecting too much. Some will settle for as little as 30 percent and that is after they've removed interest and late payments. So you just need to weigh the options. You do have the ability and plan to file bankruptcy. So that is also a bargaining tool when dealing with OC's.
  13. I believe the case IS NOT in court yet. It's simply a placement letter, saying the debt has been placed with the law firm. The next step that they will take IS A LAWSUIT. That is why a DV along with an election of arbitration is the right way to go about this. If I read this right, she did DV them and also send along a letter of arbitration election. The notice of the election of arbitration should PREVENT a lawsuit from being filed. You could also just simply file arbitration now before they could even consider filing a lawsuit. That way, if they do file, you appear in court in Illinois and simply tell the judge that this is improper venue and show him the arbitration paperwork. Either way, what she did was fine.
  14. Just write them a letter. Say, This letter is to inform you that I am requesting that Capital One pay my 250 case management fee as specified in the Capital One customer agreement. (You can quote the part of the agreement if you want.) Then just sign it and send it along to all parties, including JAMS so they know that you have asked relief from the fee.
  15. I would like to see some proof that filing an answer and fighting the OC in court will get you anything but a judgement. Going up against an OC in most little courts in this country is a suicide mission. I see no proof that filing answers and using the techniques discussed on this board works agains the OC. This is the arbitration thread. Shouldn't the methods you are discussing be discussed under "Is there a lawyer in the house" Seems like maybe this thread should now be moved over there.