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    LVNV sued me in 2012. Case was dismissed with prejudice in early Dec. 2013. They had one year to refile on the same matter, and didn't. As an aside, we're also way outside SOL. Last month, I got a letter from a new collection company, First National Collection Bureau, writing to me on behalf of their client, LVNV. No sentence at the bottom of the letter which states that it's beyond SOL so they cannot sue me. No reference to the suit, the order, with the dismissal, and that LVNV didn't refile in time. Just a "your account's been assigned to our office for collection on behalf of LVNV." How
  2. Anyone? There are such smart responses here. It's only 1 card, it's still low but it's snowballing. Thank you!
  3. Got a new card from them early this year (to rebuild bad credit). Wish I hadn't bitten, but I did when they offered because I needed a card (they were the first offer in a looooong time) and wanted to rebuild and move my FICO score up (which has indeed happened...till now). Paid them each month on time until 2 months ago. Have been freelancing and wound up with zero jobs then, and it hasn't improved much at all since summer. Have zero to pay them. Things are bad. That could all change (or not) tomorrow w/ freelance work. So the first month payment was due (that I'd fallen behind in), I couldn
  4. Ok, this gives me enough to proceed. Thank you, folks. Happy holiday!
  5. @Credithis Collector is Allied Interstate. Tell me more about what you said to them, if you can. Thanks for the input from both of you. I'm NOT happy they're even trying this again (nor should I be), given points 1-3, above. Should I even be responding to the letter? Thirty days will be here soon. And the very last thing I want--or need--is to be dragged to court for this again. As you said, Credithis, it's a res judicata matter.
  6. Hi: Zombie debt collector has sent me a first letter--notice of intention to collect on behalf of LVNV Funding, and has begun phone calls to me (which I haven't answered). 1. It's past SOL. 2. LVNV already sued me for it in 2012. It was dismissed w/ prejudice (they couldn't prove their case) with one yr to refile at that time, and they didn't. 3. They've jacked up the amount another $2,000 on a case which was $1500. What should I be sending them in response that covers all of the above, please? Thank you!
  7. Thanks for all the info. I figured there wouldn't be any legal violations (though it stinks, eh?), but wanted to verify with those certainly more well versed in creditor issues! Thanks again for the help. PS Yes, they're Satan. Yes, it was emergencies. Yes, I'm paying it down/off ASAP.
  8. Received a call from First Premier today. Also received one yesterday at this same time, but didn't answer. Both times: unknown. # (blocked). Payment is due TODAY (and I plan to make the payment today). Have never been late on payment to them. They deemed it a "courtesy call" when I asked why they were calling now, but the phrasing was very heavy on, "Do you plan to make this payment? Can we make this payment using your checking account? Is there an alternate phone #?"...very much like a collections call. Does anyone know if they can legally call you and push for payment PRIOR to the payment
  9. Thanks once more for all the info and feedback. Dragging out my civil lit books (it's been a while), but still looking for an attorney, at least for a solid consult. Thanks!
  10. Thanks, Skippy. I appreciate the input. I really wish I had one lawyer to turn to--just for a consult, which is what I wanted in my original question--who could look at all this (as a whole, in its entirety). Bankruptcy seems like such a huge waste. And yet, I don't know how I will have the time (and no pay for missed work, which results in creating MORE huge problems) and the strength to fight these you-know-whats . I'm an incredibly strong woman--I'd have to be to deal with these issues and a hundred more--but I'm feeling abused by the legal system, abused by this economy, abused by credi
  11. And is anyone intimately familiar with Grant-Hall v. Cavalry Portfolio Services, and whether cases brought since that decision have been dismissed in IL (because plaintiff's affidavit wouldn't suffice/documentation was required when filing the action)? Calvary alleged they had docs. Judge said bring them for summary judgment. And I don't think they ever did.
  12. Yes, I'm a former paralegal (but in a MUCH different area of law). I also am completely exhausted, having severely struggled for many years, and with many other crises to deal with for a long, long, LONG time now. This stuff isn't like you just sit down for two seconds, draft a pleading, show up once in court and go, "Ho hum." I've been spending my time trying to stay ALIVE. Literally. And I work my butt off to do that. And Edelman was who I turned to first (for only one of these). I had hoped to actually have a sitdown with an attorney for a substantive consult. But I brought in the paperwo