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  1. thanks for the responses. the reason to move forward with a short sale (and I know they take a looong time) is based on facts received from a mortgage broker. the clock starts ticking again if a foreclosure is on your credit report, and you have to wait an additional 3 years to secure financing. i am not expecting a short sale to happen before jan '12 - and the bank has been willing to postpone the foreclosure twice already (because we are in a 'process' with them). I will certainly double-check re: the foreclosure should not appear on our credit, only the BK.
  2. Hi, Filed Chapter 7 Nov '10, discharged Feb '11. Did not reaffirm mortgage, but did attempt to modify loan. This process seems never-ending (good for the pocketbook), but we cannot believe the bank will come up with a loan we can handle, and are therefore trying to move on. There is a foreclosure date set for Jan '12, but we feel a short sale would impact our credit less negatively than a foreclosure. I know that we are not personally liable for any shortfalls (deficiencies) with a foreclosure, but is this also true with a short sale? Also not sure if it matters what state we live in, but it's MA. Thanks for any help and advice!
  3. This regards a judgement filed against me, in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts(I am a resident). The OC was Chase Bank, the DC was Zwicker & Assoc, in MA. I was served a summons from Zwicker, and failed to answer. I mistakenly thought the court would issue a Case Management Hearing date. Next I received a copy of Documents for Filing from Zwicker to the court. This included Request for Default per Rule 55(a), RFD per Rule 55((1), Memo of Damages, and Certificate of Service. At this point I thought I would then get a date set from court, show and take my chances (attempt to settle). Instead, a week later I received the Judgement for Plaintiff by Default! What's next? What do I do? I am currently unemployed, but do have a joint checking account with my husband. Can I still file a Motion? What are my options (Motion for Relief, Motion to Set Payments, Motion to Vacate?) What should I expect? This is all very depressing and overwhelming, not to mention that at this point I feel like a complete idiot. Anyone's practical advice and knowledge is greatly appreciated! Thanks!!