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  1. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So you have credit cards with updated expiry dates being sent to you for credit accounts that had balances at the time of filing? Yes I never called to activate a new card. They probably never received the notices of discharge or like you said the card issuing department have no clue.
  2. Why do they still issuing new credit cards with update expiration dates eventhough these accounts were discharged in bankruptcy? Is that normal?
  3. Guys, I owe 11K on my vehicle. I stopped making payments 2 months ago and want to negotiate with them but the lowest they willing to take is 10K. The loan is owned by SST \ A NCO company. I'm negotiating with their attorney right now. I'm thinking of voluntary surrendering the car but would rather buy it out for like 6K. They told me the trade in value for my car is 9k. Why can't they negotiate lower like credit card companies? Any suggstions guys? Thanks Al
  4. Guys can you please tell me which website you used to get a free credit report. Thanks
  5. I just got off the phone with IRS. They told me that I still need to file 1099-C with my 2009 taxes because these weren't discharged in the bankruptcy that I'm doing right now. I kind of figured that but just wanted to make sure.
  6. I knew that but if I'm filling bankruptcy do I have to file 1099-C on my return?? That was my question.
  7. I received some 1099-C's in the mail for some credit card debt that I settled on. Now I'm in the process of doing a Chapter 7 bankrupcy. My question is when I file my return for 2009, do I have to add these 1099-C to it??? I'm insolvent but I will file bankrupcy so I'm not sure how it works. Any suggestions? Thanks
  8. I don't qualify for Chapter 7 in NY so an attorney told me that a judge can approve a partial Chapter 7 and the rest will be pushed to Chapter 13. Did anyone hear of that??? How partial will it be? Just curious if anyone had experience with that. Thanks
  9. What settlements have you gotten from these 2 ??? Thanks
  10. I sent Nationwide a validation letter last week and still haven't heard anything back...If I send them the cease communication letter, they can sue me correct?
  11. I owe amex 5K and they already moved to CA - Nationwide, they are calling me non-stop these cockroaches...I tried calling AMEX and they don't wanna speak to me, they tell me to deal with Nationwide. I called Nationwide once and asked them who owned the debt and they said AMEX. They only representing them on their behalf. I told them to have AMEX call me..........
  12. Chase offered me 35% but I'm looking for 25%. I should get an answer this week
  13. hey don, they want one payment to lock in the settlement offer. Bank of America is pretty good on the offers so you should try getting 20-30% out of them depending on how long you've default. How long ago did you stop paying? al