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  1. Thanks for your response. So moving forward, I should ask them whether they can remove the Sprint TL. Also, get them to send me an official agreement or construct my own and have them sign it. Although the email they sent could be viewed as a binding legal agreement. Your input and suggestions are greatly appreciated and extremely helpful. Thank you sincerely.
  2. Would the following letter from a CA be suffice for a "pay for deletion" letter: Sprint has placed your account with Source Receivables Management (“SourceRM”) to recover the above referenced Amount Due. Based on your conversation with our office on 3/1/2021, we will request removal of the above referenced account from the consumer reporting agencies upon receipt of payment in the amount of $510.13 by 3/10/2021. Consumer reporting agencies may take 30 days or longer to update their records and that is beyond our control. Please call our office at 1-877-251-378
  3. Recently I have been hearing people in the credit repair world talking about "opting - out". Referring to some third party entities that handle disputes for the bureaus. Something about the consumer can decline their services by opting out which forces the CRA to do the "investigation" when someone disputes. Anybody out there heard about this? How true is this?
  4. I sent a debt validation request to SRM for a family member. They sent some information back which may be suffice for validation. Family member is interested in settling the matter and I am encouraging a "pay for delete". Anyone out there have any experience with Source Receivables Management and/or a pay for delete letter I can use? Thanks in advance.
  5. I am helping a family member with their credit. He has a negative entry on the report from a credit union for overdraft fees. Anybody out here have any goodwill letters to help me? Thanks in advance!😄
  6. Yes they are but they are closed now with a lot of lates. I was just taking a chance to see if they come off. I currently have two other mortgages on my report with positive history. So if they were to come off it would not effect the mix of credit aspect of my scores.
  7. Thank you for your reply. I disputed 4 items. Two of the items (credit cards each with one 30 day late) I disputed as never late. The other two (mortgage servicers each with progressing late payments) I disputed as not mine.
  8. I recently sent out some dispute letters to all 3 bureaus. Just disputing some old stuff to see if it will come off. Because of my geographic area, Transunion always comes back first. Today I get two responses. One was a copy of my report. The other was some insulting letter stating that they did not understand the nature of my dispute or my request was illegible. Come on with the B.S. transunion! What is going on? I sent the letter typed with dispute reasons of either "never late" or "not mine".
  9. Hey everyone, haven't been here in a while. I am helping a friend with repairing her credit. One of her problems is she has three collections on her report American Collections Ent, Amsher Collections Services, and Southwest Credit Systems are the agencies involved, with the original creditor being T-mobile. What is our first move? I am thinking DV each collection agency. Then either wait for a response or dispute with the CRA. Also, file a complaint with the CFPB and send a goodwill letter to a big wig at T-Mobile. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  10. Yeah I tried that. It just says thank you for calling and disconnects
  11. Can someone please give me a good number to reach an Experian live customer service rep. I'm at the finish line of a refi and I need to remove and or halt any disputes as requested by the dreaded underwriter. Already called and did it for the other two........but experian is holding me up with their wack inconvenient automated system with limited prompts. Please help!
  12. I own a property free and clear and want to pull some cash out. The way in which I own the property free and clear is because of a pay off offered by the previous mortgage company. So I took the deal, the tax results were not that favorable but "it was an offer I couldn't refuse". But now each lender I went to says I have to wait three years before I can do any refi's, heloc or anything. Where did this law/restriction come from? I went to my credit union and they said their policy is four years. So am I stuck or what? Maybe I could say it's an investment property, which it is. Any suggestions.
  13. Thanks, I really didn't mean it like that. Depending on the outcome, which I am very optimistic about, I will send a thank you email. Followed by a copy of a positive letter I will send to the bbb and cfpb. Not too much.
  14. I FOUND IT!!!! Thanks CIC for motivation. Because everyday I checked to see if someone replied, nada! So that motivated me to use other strategies. So I sent an email with a return receipt and BOOM! It came back like somebody read it. So since I have the president's email address I will be bombarding him with letters depending on the outcome of my goodwill letter. I'll keep you posted.
  15. I have a goodwill letter to send to Seterus to remove some lates as a result of a misapplied payment. I need to know who to email it to. If anybody out there has an email address I can use, please.
  16. Of course, I am watching my mail everyday for the agreement.
  17. REPOST.......Because of the typo in the first one!!!! I have a mortgage with Ocwen...balance of 55k, interest rate is 7%, monthly PITI payment $630, property worth as is about 40k. I stopped paying in hopes of getting a modification. But they called me to offer a settlement of 14k. So if I can come up with 14k cash by Jan. 24, 2016 I can own the property free and clear. What's going on with Ocwen? Is this too good to be true?
  18. I have a mortgage with Ocwen...balance of 55k, interest rate is 7%, monthly PITI payment $630, property worth as is about 40k. I stopped paying in hopes of getting a modification. But they called me to offer a settlement of 14k. So if I can come up with 14k cash by Jan. 24, 2016 I can own the property free and clear. What's going on with Ocwen? Is this too good to be true?
  19. My next move is to go on credit karma and look at her reports. Then dispute all the negatives. I'm kind of hesitant. Afraid of what I might see. It's frustrating because I repaired her credit years ago so we could get the house. I did it for and gave her disclaimer of not to mess it up AGAIN!!!
  20. So I am starting a new credit repair journey for the wife. I sent a DV to MCM and I just got the green card back. I have never sent a DV before, I just wanted them to stop calling. They did. Some lady stamped her signature on the card which makes me believe that they get these letters all of the time. So what you think their next move will be? Do CA's have a certain amount of time to respond to DV's?
  21. Yes I know they are FAKO's but I wanted to know if anyone knew how off they were. What's the over/under so to speak.
  22. Just signed up for "Credit Secure" from AMEX. Does anybody know how close they are to the actual FICO scores?
  23. UPDATE!!!! Just came from the branch to pay on this line of credit triggered by an overdraft (a feature I did not request) and the manager was like "That email you sent caused a little problem. How did you get those email addresses antway?". So I told him that if this situation cant be resolved, the next letter is going to really cause a problem. As a matter of fact does the CFPB exist?
  24. Thanks Admin! It means alot coming from you.
  25. And the crazy thing is........I get email receipts from names I did not email.......weird right?