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  1. As long as what we provide is truthful and responsible we can never be silenced!
  2. MG05

    Thanks everyone

    Thanks FlaLawyer ... You have always extended a hand to those who need help.
  3. Lets not point fingers or throw stones … the matter was resolved and at the end of the day that is all that matters. Thanks Lilq for being a good friend!
  4. MG05

    Thanks everyone

    Thank you so much ... I did nothing wrong and if I offended anyone that was never my intention. I can always walk with my head up high so I have no problem being on the site after some of the comments I was told was posted about TrueQ and I. Hopefully I can continue helping someone make a rational choice that is best for them.
  5. Appears the glitch in the system was repaired and all is back to normal for me and I will personally speak with TrueQ in the AM. I want everyone to know that I have never asked anyone for one penny for any single piece of my worthless advice or crazy thought in my head. I know TrueQ doesn’t charge for his advice and neither of us have ever solicited any money from anyone. I know that good people in bad times come to this site for a non judgmental ear to listen and someone to share a bad experience with. I would never take advantage of anyone who is down or bleed someone who has nothing to give
  6. Bet it ends quickly now that an attorney is involved! Stay the course your doing well! MG
  7. We can banter back and forth all day long … point is … file the arbitration and see if they pay! I think it is funny how when you use preemptive arbitration on them they totally walk away … it is like once they get a suit filed in local court they start this legal wrangling and using the court to fight arbitration … so much easier to cut the legs of court out from underneath them!
  8. Let's see everything from the actual application, original agreement, every statement and ending agreement. The name of business that the debt was sold to and the extent of the assignment. Every single document the bank had concerning the account …
  9. Do yourself a favor ... Listen to FlaLawyer and file a Motion and set it for hearing! Second, PM Denita on this site ... she is from Florida and knows foreclosure stuff better than anyone on this site from Florida. Don't waste a lot of time on the Motion it is cut and dry ... attach the SC ruling as an exhibit and make it easy for the judge to read and rule on ... no Pro Se motion should be so lengthy that the judge has to send it to a clerk to read and decide. Keep it simple...
  10. I filed a complaint with the FDIC against the OC and let me tell you what ... the FDIC did not play ... they provided every single document and the exact agreement that was in place the day my account defaulted. They even provided the chain of assignment and extent of assignment. This was well worth every keystroke in the complaint! The state banking commissioner even wrote me and told me everything that occurred with my account. That information is powerful especially if it contradicts a law suit or arbitration. You might even score finding they provided a fraudulent affidavit or legal pleadi
  11. This is my actual complaint ... "I need to know who the OC sold the debt to as I have written them {OC} and they refused to answer. I am now receiving calls from several unknown people claiming I owe money to them and threatening legal action and I have no idea what is going on. Please have the OC clarify if they own the debt or has someone compromised my identity. If the OC has sold this account kindly have them provide the name of the person they sold the debt to and to what extent”. No problems and I was provided everything!
  12. If your debt has been sold to a JDB and you’re starting to get calls or the ever so nice dunning letter please do yourself a favor and contact the OCC or FDIC and file a complaint against the OC. What will happen is the OC will send you copies of everything to do with your account and who they sold the account to and to the extent of the assignment. This information is not sent to the JDB only to you. What is good is that you might be able to gather some ammunition against the JDB if they sue. Remember you don't have to let the other side know you have the information. You can make complaints
  13. Remember folks not everyone wants all out war ... Abby24 got a great settlement.... 10% is uncalled just by threat of arbitration! Trueq ... you would take on anyone and I do applaud you for that ... 10% plus three other accounts a walk on the debt ... sound like a trip to Hawaii ... opps they are already there!
  14. I agree once the Judge orders arbitration Midland will fold! Trust me when I say they will fold ... I have a good personal experience with them! LOL ... they will play this until the judge rules ... don't sweat it!
  15. Just file arbitration and watch what happens ... now you have a beautiful FDCPA arbitration complaint ... have to love watching these dumb asses stumble so badly. Kind of like watching a "Home Alone Movie" ... Hey Marv did we screw this one up! LMAO