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  1. Since I haven't seen anyone "defend" the organization anywhere on your thread, perhaps you are jumping to conclusions. As I stated, I also have them on my report; however, you mentioned that you should just "sue to make them show me what they have." You then later said that they sent you the statements, so suing for that issue would be a waste of time. I think that they have something about not being charged all the installation fees if you don't use the card and call them to cancel, but someone more familiar with them may have more info on it. If you used it, however, that's a different issue, and that's how they nail people. You only have a few available dollars when you first get the card, and a small purchase can put people over the limit nailing them with the fees that you agreed to when you signed up for the card. I saw something from an employee of theirs saying that the fees is how they make the majority of their money. I've had different information such as balances reported differently by the big 3, but they also update differently, so that is why that happened to me. It looks to me like a GW letter may be the next option, but again, they don't have to remove a charge off, nor do they benefit from doing it. Some companies are easier to get removed than others. I have not had any luck with GW.
  2. What exactly are you suing for? I've got them on my report as well, but in your case, it appears that you had a charge-off, and they have the correct documentation for it. Am I reading this correctly? They don't have to work with us and take it off our reports because we want them to.
  3. chloe_pink - still a work in progress. I sent a follow-up letter explaining that what they provided does not constitute a verification. After 30 days passed and they did not respond, I then sent the three CRA's a letter asking for them to provide me in writting their method of verification along with the copies of my green cards, letters, response, and an additional mention that they did not respond to my follow-up. Right now I am in the waiting period for the CRA's while they are doing their "investigation". On the plus side, RJM did what they said and it was deleted from my account within days after receiving my funds for the pfd.
  4. I had great success with RJM on a PFD. I still have three more that I am working on and wondering if anyone else has had any experience with these companies: Arrow Financial - They actually sent me a settlement offer, but when I "countered" with a better offer for a PFD, I haven't heard anything back from them. Tata and Kirlin keeps calling at all hours though. I owe them $581. Portfolio Recovery - I owe them $359. They actually have not responded to any DV letters and just updated the balance from $283 to $359. I am sending a letter today to the three CRA's asking how they were able to verify when they won't respond to me. LVNV - I owe them $502. They responded to my DV letter, but only with their typical "you owe us this amount" with no additional information. I sent them a follow-up telling them that they did not provide me with a valid verification and they have not responded. I am also sending a letter to the three CRA"s asking how they were able to verify this one. On my Exp report, they don't even know how to list the type. It is listed as: "Unknown - credit extension, review, or collection." So, with that all being said. My next step after this round of letters is going to be a PFD for Portfolio and LVNV as I need to get to 620 for a VA home loan. My current scores are TU 594 (creditkarma) and Eq 586 (myfico). I have a Macy's card and First Premier that are both under 10% utilization. I tried a GW for the three that charged-off. One said no, the other two didn't respond. Thanks!
  5. At least your FICOs are higher. My FAKOs are higher by about 50 points. That's disappointing on my end.
  6. That's just me though. I know a lot of people have said that their FICO scores were higher than their Vantage Score. That's really why it's called a FAKO. Even though the CRA's try to make you believe that lendors all look at Vantage, the majority, if any, do not. In fact, there are even different levels within the FICO that is looked at.
  7. I'm getting ready to send one as well. Did you send certified and did you include a copy of your driver's license?
  8. My truecredit FAKO scores are about 50 points higher than my FICO.
  9. Thanks willingtocope. I just hate to have three more pulls on my reports unless there is a decent chance that my mortage score would be 50 points higher.
  10. Only a few months of revolving credit and then seven years of history
  11. Well I just signed up for the trial of MyFico and my EQ came back 567. 50 points difference, but not in my favor. I'm still working on three more pfds, so hopefully that is going to make the difference for me.
  12. I have to admit, I was disappointed this morning when the month passed and I was able to pull my updated reports and TrueCredit (I know, FAKO) scores. In the past month I was able to get rid of 2 Derogatory (SOL and PFD) and 2 public records from TU. EX was 1 Derogatory (PFD) and two public records, and EQ two public records. Additionally, both my credit cards are paid down to a few dollar balance as well with no late pays. So, even though they are FAKO, I was excited to see what kind of change would occur. I figured the PFD would be the biggest change, but, instead my TU DROPPED three points, my EX went up 2 points, and my EQ dropped 2 points. If there was enough of an increase I was going to do the MyFico to see how they show, but with an actual decrease, I don't think I am going to do that yet. With that being said, since December those FAKO's have increased quite a bit. My TU has gone up 43 points, EX up 67 and EQ up 95. My lender requires a 620 for me to get a VA home loan and the rebate ends the end of April. Not sure if I am going to make it by then or not. FAKO Scores: TU 626, EX 588, EQ 618
  13. I've been using TrueCredit for a couple of months. I know that they use Vantage, but back in December when I first signed up they had my Experian score at 521. Last month it was up to 586. Well, today I first heard about Quizzle and when I pulled my score through them it was 628 and rated at a C score. Now, I've been doing a lot of work trying to get all my negs taken care of, but I can't find the type of score that they are using (Vantage, FICO). My lender told me I need a 620 to do my VA home loan and I'd like to make it happen before the end of April to get the rebate. TrueCredit won't do an updated credit score until the end of the week, and I also just finished a PFD with RJM that hasn't been reported to the CRA's yet. By the way, my Experian score was the lowest as reported by TrueCredit: TU583, EX521, EQ523.
  14. I know I've seen the sample letter on here, but I just can't find it. I've sent requests to investigate to two CA's and both times they came back with the standard typed page saying that I owe XXX amount. Nothing actually verifying that it is mine, and both times the amount doesn't even match what the CRA's are showing. I did first dispute with the CRA's and of course came back verified. That was when I went to the CA's. Now that I have tried with both twice, where can I find a sample letter to go back to the CRA's asking how they were able to verify when the CA's won't verify to me?
  15. Truecredit only provides Vantage scores.
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