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  1. Hello all I have what I can only assume is a unique situation, I assume its unique because I have not found any similar situation online and to be honest if it was not happening to me I don’t know if id believe it. I got sued by capital one a while back and the situation got all worked out, I paid the amount owed to their attorney ad got a notice of dismissal. So it was over, or so I thought. I then check my credit and see a judgment has been issued and is being reported by all three bureaus. Seems there was a cross in the proceedings and when the dismissal was filed the judgment was granted that morning. So after some phone calls and a meeting with cap ones lawyer we got to the bottom of it and a notice to vacate judgment was filed with the court so once again I thought I was home free. I sent my notice to vacate signed by the court along with a letter from the attorney saying the judgment was no more, to the big three. First I get a letter from Experian, item deleted, then from Equifax, item deleted then trans union “item verified will remain till 2014” . So I called Trans Union to ask why, they said my evidence was insufficient and the debt was verified. So I called the court at the number trans union provided me with I spoke to the clerk who informed me they have no record of Trans Union calling and if they did they would have been told the public record should be removed because the judgment has been vacated. So again I call Trans and they just keep saying like robots, “your evidence was insufficient a( I guess a letter from the plaintiff and the court aren’t what they use to be) so they asked me if I would like to re state my dispute, I said yes figuring this time they will call the court ad get it straight. So today I get a letter from Trans saying they have already investigated and my new dispute is frivolous and will not be investigated. So what do I do now? I have all the proof in the world this was vacated, and the court telling me there is no way they would have verified the entry . can I sue Trans Union for this? Is there any legal recourse for what seems to me like Trans Union just ignoring my proof? This is very frustrating, to me it seems very open and shut I’m right they are wrong, how can I force them to do the right thing when they just are refusing with out grounds?
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