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  1. thank you for your reply. yes they are out of SOL....I will send them a C&D letter. Again, THANK YOU for all your help!!
  2. These are in response to the DV/SOL letter I sent to JDB's that were trying to get me to pay on two way beyond SOL debts. I received 5 different letters from Capital Management & Resurgent. Its a bit confusing... 1. letter from Cap Mgmt states they received my letter and they are now telling me they no longer, "service" my account. They have forwarded the account to LVNV. 2. Letter again from Cap Mgmt stating they will accept a 90% discount on a SOL debt within 10 days. This is not the debt listed with the first letter above. Two different debts, both SOL and both with Cap Managment. 3. Letter from Resurgent stating they now have one of the debts and included is their Debt Verification. Their Debt Verification is my name, the so called debt I owe, and the account number. They claim I have 21 days to respond to them via telephone to handle it. Again, this is a out of SOL debt. 4. Letter from Resurgent stating they need to discuss with me about these debts immediately. 5. Letter from Cap Mgmt asking me to call. So, I am wondering if I just need to cut the crap and send a C&D letter to Resurgent and Cap. These two debts are beyond SOL (about 7 years) I know it would be best to bait them and get some money, but at this time I dont have the patience for it. Do I send a C&D letter and state "do not contact me again about this SOL debt," or, "do not contact me again." Also, I notice that each of these letters have LVNV as the current holder. I guess i am mixed up in the spider web crap of LVNV. SHould I send a C&D letter to LVNV as well? As always, THANK YOU for all your help.
  3. RD- thank you for the advice and good luck in scoring some $$ from them! I just hope they dont try something scumy and use the signature I put on the DV on a promise to pay or something like that, in order to restart the SOL.....although, I did sign the DV with a obvious, this is not my real signature, type of signature. I also kept a copy of the letter.
  4. Ok, that makes sense and puts my mind at ease. these old debts are past the 7 year mark. I was just wondering if when disputed with the CA/JDB, if the CA sends the debt BACK to the OC, if the OC can reinstate the debt on my CR.....however, you both answered that, with NO it cannot be on my report if 7.5 years past DOFD. thanks again, guys. You have no idea how much you have helped.
  5. thank you both for the info, quick question... since i was the one who put my new cell # on my recent credit application, therefore giving them expressed consent, what do i do in the future when applying for credit? Leave the area blank? fake number? we only use cell phones, no land lines at home. thanks!
  6. Actually, my cell number is brand new. The OC was from YEARS ago, so I know I never gave them the number. I recently applied for a credit card and was approved. I see on my inquiries that they listed my cell number I gave when I filled out the application. I am under the impression that ER got my cell number from pulling my CR. I saw they pulled my CR 3 weeks ago. It was a hard pull too. I asked a ? About that in another thread, but so far no one has responded.
  7. So, a CA can report a debt regardless of a SoL, they just can't sue you. So, am I correct in thinking that you can have a 8+ year old debt (from DOFD) on you CR? I guess what I am trying to say is, does the 7 yr mark for a debt to stay on your CR begin with the DOFD OR the date the CA reports it to the CRA? I have successfully deleted numerous OLD debts and now I am beginning to wonder if they can be reinserted and if so, for how long. This is like a nightmare I can not wake myself from....sigh
  8. Thank you! You're like a credit wizard! I really appreciate this. I have sent them both (JCC Christensen and Capital Managment) a zombie letter CMRRR. Should I send off the letter you suggested as well?
  9. Thank you all for answering! Really, thank you! Ok to clarify... The number ER is contacting me on is my cell phone. They never leave a voice mail. Rather, when I answer, there is a robot on the other end stating who they are and that they are looking for a (insert my first and maiden name) and if I am that person, then they have a urgent message to speak to me about. If I am not that person, then to press #4. I was so freaked by getting a call like this, I pressed #4 and the robot said, "sorry for the inconveinence." The next day, same call, same exact things said. These debts are past SoL in California, so I honestly thought I would never hear from another CA/JBD again...(insert stupid look here) Does the zombie list also double as a C&D letter? Should I wait again to see if I hear from them and then send a C&D letter? Also, in regards to ER, since I have never spoken to a live person, but they keep calling my cell phone, can I send them a C&D letter without noting what debt they are trying to collect?
  10. Thank you for taking the time to respond. I will do just that if they contact me again.
  11. Can a CA/JBD place a past SoL debt on your CR? If yes, after I dispute with the CRA, are they (CRA) obligated to delete it or does it remain for 7.5 yrs on the CR? I'm confused. I know the difference between SoL and the time frame a date can stay on your CR, but I've read a few things here that got me thinking I have it wrong. If a CA/JBD validates a out of SoL debt, can they legally report it to a CRA?
  12. If you receive a dunning letter and it only states OC, amount, & the CA's account number, how do you word a zombie debt letter without admitting ownership? The letters I have received do not have a DOFD or anything at all like it. I know for a fact the debt is SoL, but I was under the impression to word my response in a way that does not claim ownership of debt. How can you do that when no DOFD is listed? Wouldn't the CA say, "you aren't claiming ownership, so how do you know the debt is out of SoL?" Geez, I hope I'm making sense.
  13. I have noticed that a few CA's (and possible JDB's) are on my inquiries on all 3bureau's. For a while they were only listed as inquires that DO NOT affect my credit. Now I am noticing a few different agencies listed under the inquiries that remain on my credit for 2 years (they state these inquiries do impact scores.) What if I don't have any outstanding debts that are within my state's SoL? Can they still pull my CR, especially when it counts as a hard inquiry? These past SoL debts were for open ended accounts (credit cards) and they are all now 1 year to 6 years past SoL. In fact, the debts no longer show on my CR after successful disputes. There is a few collection agencies that I have never received a letter from or phone call, so to be honest I have no idea what debt they supposedly have. I hope this makes sense. I realize I am probably confusing all of you.
  14. Hello All!! I have receive some sound advice from this forum, so I was hoping someone would be kind enough to help again. I am still navigating through credit repair, so forgive me if I mix things up or sound like a total goob. Ill make it short and sweet: To date, I do not have any debts that are within California's SOL. In fact, I only have 1 remaining debt with a CA and one paid debt that I was not smart enough to get a PFD remaining on my CR. Both fall off this year from my CR. What I am experiencing now is robo calls from ER Solutions, and collection letters from JCC Christensen and one from Capital Management. I have NO IDEA what debt ER Solutions is calling me about, since it is always a robo call. Again, there are no debts that I am within SOL. JCC & Capital Management are trying to collect on two different debts that are NO LONGER on my CR (successfully disputed them with the CRA's) and are both 5 years PAST SoL. I sent a zombie letter type of thing (again, here is my newbie status showing) to both JCC & Capital. I sent Cap's with CMRRR. I foolishly sent JCC to their PO Box, but then later I sent another zombie letter to JCC when I found their physical address here on this forum. I sent them CMRRR as well. Here is my questions.....Are they JBD's? Should I even be concerned? My biggest concern is the letter i sent to JCC is beyond the 30 day validation time frame from when they sent me their letter. I wasnt too worried at first because I knew that they were beyond SoL. Then I realized the letter they sent me was dated in February, but the date on the mailing envelope was late March. I dont know what to do about ER Solutions calling me since I can never get a live person. Any insight or advice is appreciated. It has been nearly 2 years since I have been bothered by any CA's or JDB. This sudden contact from 3 different ones has me in a tizzy.
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