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  1. I hear we have until the end of November to buy a home and get an 8000 dollar tax credit from the government. But could this possibly drive up the price of real estate, so in the end you really don't save? I really don''t like having a deadline to purchase my first home, I want to take my time to find a good deal and a great home. But this tax credit incentive is so tempting...
  2. Thanks everyone for your inputs. I decided to go directly to the banks first and see if I can get a good deal. If not then I'll try a broker.
  3. Is there a way to check today's wholesale rates instead of relying on the broker's words?
  4. I thought the bank is the lender? I don't mind shopping around to different lender myself, if I can cut away the middle man (mortage broker) to save money. How do you go to the lender directly?
  5. I'm looking to obtain a mortgage loan. I am wondering would I save more money if I go directly to the bank for the loan? Or would it be better to go through a broker? I have excellent credit by the way.
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