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  1. Does anyone have any information about The Lyric company llc. I have searched and searched and I have found no address, phone number, not even a state. Are they real?? I am starting to think they and unifund are one in the same.
  2. I live in Georgia. I searched online for some kind of rule/code/law on what creditor should have in their complaint but cant find anything. Honestly how was I or anyone being sued supposed to know what they are talking about if # isn't in there.
  3. Hi all again. I got summons back in april for a first usa debt they claimed I owed on. working on summary judgement response. I just realized that no where did they include the account # they say I owe an amount to. Not in summons,admission of fact,interrogatories, or produce document request. Only time I saw an account # was when they requested a Motion of summary judgement. Is that legal? shouldn't they include the account they are talking about in their summons and all other info they requested. what if a person had more than one account with First USA or if they are suing for a completely
  4. I just wanna make sure I'm doing this right When referring to the other party's (Plaintiffs) exhibit how do I do that. Do I include them as my own exhibit or refer to them as Plaintiffs PAGE TITLE Exhibit A EXHIBIT TITLE Just wondering b/c if I include them as my own Exhibits I would have to use the same sequence that is on or cross it out(ugly). So can I right Exhibit C before Exhibit A if I refer to it first and they already have C on it
  5. Hi Merrybuck (I like that) I was wondering if I could get a copy of your case in 2008 . whether in email, msg or online copy. Is there a link to it? I searched and WOW it would take hours to find yours and I might not at all. Thanks
  6. sorry was posting when u did. So if I move somewhere that has a 10, 20 or none I can get sued forever. that's just really confusing!!!! If the Ga courts now consider Credit Cards contracts then the other laws for contracts apply. State that governs is the state contract was made. Yes/No??
  7. Ok I found this I get the first part but what does and by the law of the state where it is to be performed when the issue is one concerning performance mean? Also was wondering about what curtis825 said. Since my 4 years was up according to them in May 2007 can I use case laws around during that time. As far as the Del and Fl SOL go. thanks bevj2 for input. but if I was a fl resident when card issued and up until default and up until sol in fl wouldn't that SOl also apply. Just because I moved to another state doesn't mean the contract is now under the law of that state even though card was n
  8. But doesn't the Delaware SOL prevail as per agreement? Also I was a Fl resident when the SOL occured (5 years) Another Q doesn't US supreme court overrule. There are two court findings defining credit card as an open account. Can't find the other (if anyone knows of others please post)
  9. How do I write that Do I just write statute of limitations on this type of debt has expired and Defendant asserts the affirmative defence of Statues of Limitation for... Thanks
  10. This has been going on since April and they sent me a MSJ last week. I did some digging and came up with this. I am going to file a motion to dismiss too, not sure how to word it. I know this is LONG but please someone look over and help me make it LAWYERISH ....THANKS IN THE STATE COURT OF HOUSTON COUNTY STATE OF GEORGIA some company Assignee of First USA Bank, N.A. Plaintiff, vs. ME Defendant. DEFENDENTS RESPONSE TO PLAINTIFFS MOTION FOR SUMMARY JUDGEMENT COMES NOW, ME, Defendant and responds some company Motion For Summary Judgement as follows According to Plaintiffs letter t