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  1. I just received the same letter a couple days before xmas form EX. I am going to call them today.
  2. When I sent DV letters to LVNV which I never heard back from then. The only letters received were from Resergent stating they are collecting for LVNV.
  3. It's called GREED to all the CEO's of the credit card co. They can not afford to another gold toilet for their multi million dollar home.
  4. Oct. 27, 09 received a letter from Weltman, Weinberg & Reis stating that thay have ceased collection activities relative to account from LVNV. This file has been closed.
  5. File a complaint with your local USPS Post Master. They will take action.
  6. Continued from above I the received CR from TU dated 09/30/09 ADVERSE ACCOUNTS LVNV #*******118 Loan Type: Factoring Co Account Remarks: Acc Info Disputed by Consumr Balance: $968 Date Updated: 09/2009 High Balance: $813 Collateral: 12 Sears Past Due: $968< Pay Status: Collection Account Account Typr: Open Account Date Open: 11/2005 Date Closed: 09/2009 Sears #********118 Loan Type: Charge Account Remarks: Acct info disputed by consumr Balance: $0 Date Updated: 11/2005 High Balance: $814 Credit Limit: $540 Pay Status: Charged Off As Bad Debt Account Type: Revolving Account Date Opened: 08/1992 Date Closed: 11/2005 Date Paid: 04/2005 Btw the two reports with info changing is the ? I filed a dispute to TU for above LVNC which was delivered 10/13/09 so why would LVNV be stating "ACC info disp by consumr" ?
  7. Has anybody seen this before ? I am a little confused. July 30, 09 I received my TU report which showed; ADVERSE ACCOUNTS LVNV #*****118 Loan typ:Factoring Co Account Remarks:Placed for Collection Balance: $960 Date Updated:07/2009 High Balance: $814 Colateral: 12 Sears Past Due: $960< Pay Status: Collection Account Account Type: Open Account Date Open: 11/05 SATISFACTORY ACCOUNTS Sears #******118 Balance: $ 0 Date Verified: 11/2005 High Balance: $842 Credit Lmit: $540 Pay Status: Paid or Paying as Agreed Account Trpy: Revolving Account Date Closed: 10/2005 Date Paid: 04/2005
  8. When writing back to Resurgent about there so called validation letter, should I send a copy of there so called validation with my new letter ? What have people done in the past ?
  9. Thanks After LVNV signed the green cards I mailed my disputes to the CRA. Going to build the paper trail since I know I will have to take them to court down the road.
  10. On Oct 10, 09 I receive two letters from Resurgent as follows: Letter 1 states Previous Creditor:Credit One Bank Current Creditor: LVNV Account Number: ************* Balance: ***** Latter 2 states Previous Creditor: Triad ( Who ever this is ?) Current Creditor: LVNV Account Number: ****** (I think is old Cell #) Balance: ***** Letter 2 Account No. is not on my CR nor did I DV with that account No., so should I also DV them with that account No. for the paper trail ? Both letters states that they will no further communications from Resurgent and if you have any questions please call - bla, bla, bla. Enclosed please find an org validation of debt that verifies this account. On page 2 it states " Validation of Debt" "As of the date of this communication, you owe $***** on Account number ******* which is now owned by LVNV Funding LLC. Should you desire to pay off the account in full, you should contact us at 1-888-665-0374 to determine the payoff balance as interest, payments, credits, fees, and/or other permissible charges can continue to cause your account balance to very from day to day."
  11. I currently have two LVNV accounts on my CR. Both are showing as follows: Loan Type: Factoring Company Account Remarks: Placed for Collection Pay Status: Collection Account Account Type: Open Account One account they say is from Sears Second account they say is from 12 Marin ( Who ever this is ? ) I also have a letter from Weltman, Weinberg & Reis which states they are collecting for LVNV which is from a Sears account. The Sears account number from WWR does not match any account numbers on my CR's. Sept 29, 09 I mailed out DV letters to Weltman, Weinberg & Reis, LVNV (with all three account numbers thay have listed), Resurgent Capital Services, & Sherman Finicial Group all CMRRR. All letters delivered & signed.
  12. Sorry to ask but who is this Fred Hanna ? Who does he work for or companies does he own ? I have not heard of him.
  13. I also got the circle jurk with all three CRA. No one can tell how they verify by who they talked to, what phone number or how they obtained the information in the first place. It was like talking to a two year old on the other side of the phone.
  14. The account number is the same with Sears and LVNV but if I dispute with Sears don't they have to verify their info ?