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  1. court stipulation he wanted me to agree to was the amount they wanted. I did. Then the minutes say.... Attorney's fees are waived. Counsel indicates that a proof of service of prejudgement claim to right of possession is on file. writ to issue forthwith Stipulation is announced, both parties agree, and the Court so orders. Plaintiff's Counsel states for the record that this matter will not be turned over to collections.
  2. Hello everyone this is my first time. Okay I'll just get right to it....I'm cleaning up debt I acquired after getting laid off and the largest is an eviction which is now a judgement. its been two years and is growing 10% interest. Every strategy i've tried and got no results. my last resort to find a way to put the ball in my court is to see if there is anything i can do about a statement said in court. I have the minutes to prove it. Before all this i had great credit and a family member became ill while i was laid off thats what used all my savings and i couldnt pay rent and so in court the