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  1. I am going through a similar situation. They first said they wouldn't negotiate or accept a payment plan without knowing financial information. I was advised here not to give it. I didn't. They are now offering 50% off the original amount owed without any information. It took six or more people to get to this point. Oh, and it is a law firm I am dealing with which I think is harder. Stick to your guns!
  2. Will this debt be transferred back to Midland if the lawfirm of Javitch, Block are unsuccessful after a certain amount of time? Maybe then I could work something out.
  3. I am his fiance. I had to fax an authorization for them to speak with me on his behalf. So there was no violation there. As far as being served, they first said a summons was served, then when I told them that neither one of us had received even a letter, she said that the summons was going out that day. Does that constitute them actually claiming I have been served? That was a few days ago and we still haven't gotten anything. They tried to serve him at his parents house and mom refused it but took note of the company. "Tell the agency nothing and record all conversations with the agency." Does anyone know of a way to record converstations other than getting a device from Radio Shack? I am still considering hiring an attorney. My thought is that they will be able to negotiate a lower settlement which would offset the cost of the attorney. But, I heard it is better for your credit to pay the debt in full. Also, we are far from "legal eagles" and I don't want to make costly mistakes. And we are willing to pay in full but it will take time and payments. OR, A friend said I should send them a letter offering payment plan/settlement. In the letter state that if I don't receive a refusal within a certain time frame then I will send first payment of proposed payment plan. Then if I get that far and they cash the check then that would constitute a contract between us. I like the idea of saying he is unemployed, but I am concerned that 1st - I already said he works, but wouldn't say where. 2nd - that if it goes to a judge that it wouldn't look good that we lied. Any thought would be very much appreciated!!
  4. Hello My DF is about to be sued by lawyers for Midland. They tried to serve at old address but was not accepted. We have not been served yet. I called lawfirm (told to me by Midland) and offered to start making payments on a $4000ish debt from Sears. They want to know where he works. That was question #1, I told them that I wasn't comfortable giving that information and that it was unecessary. They said they needed it in order to give a settlement offer or accept a payment plan and that they can't work with me if I can't get past question 1. I said that we now are at a standstill. They wont accept payments and I wont divulge personal financial information. I think it is shady since I know they are trying to serve us. I would like to know what others here think. Should I ignore the doorbell and avoid being served? Should I hire a lawyer? Why do they need that information and should I give it? I would like to settle this before it goes to court, but we don't have the lump sum that they want. Any advice would be appreciated!
  5. Do I need to 623 Citi first? or DV Midland? Some type of complaint paper trail? How long does the OCC complaint process usually take? Thanks for your help!
  6. Can the OCC have the account deleted if it finds the fees are in excess? Should I DV Midland or try to PFD? Remember our time frame. And if Midland isn't on CR yet, but Sears is showing Charge Off with $0 balance, should we try to negotiate with Sears or is it too late? I was thinking of calling them today. I don't believe the SOL comes into play. This account defaulted in `09.
  7. Thanks Cinnmngrl, Im in Ohio. What would I be complaining to the OCC about?
  8. I didn't realize how long winded that was until I saw it posted! WOW, I'm sorry for all of you yawning right now! TO ADD: With the score being 579, should he apply for more credit to raise the DTI? Maybe the trifecta? or Target? Crown? Or is his score too low and is it too close to wanting to get a mortgage?
  9. Hi, I haven't been on the forum in a while. I am slowly working on my credit repair which is taking longer than I expected and getting more complicated. But I'll save that for another time. I am asking for help for my DH. We would like to buy a house this spring, hopefully before the tax credit is gone. He has a couple issues I need advice on. I am hoping to get his score high enough to use his credit alone to buy a fixer upper through FHA or USDA. FICO score is 579. (that is from Equifax today, yesterday on Credit Karma it was 585, up from 560 last week, WTH?). I was told we need a 620 to be considered for an FHA. The "finance spe******t" from the realty company didn't want to talk to me until his score reached that. Basically said to work on it and call her when we did. Nice, huh? Thanks to this forum, I think I can handle it myself. Here's the deal (or most of it): He has a few accounts from 06, 07, and 08 with a few lates on each. I plan to dispute these. Only has 2 inquiries in 2 years, good, right? Has one open CC w/325 limit. But Christmas drove up the balance and hurt score, I'm sure, but we will pay it off by end of Jan. Other than that, CC is in good standing, no lates. OK, for the ugly. Had a Sears/Citibank with 3000. limit Went to crapper, then charged off for $4001. ($1001. in fees and interest, etc.) We received two letters from Client Services fall of '09. 2nd letter offered $1600. "settlement in full" on behalf of their client (Sears). We didn't respond because we didn't have the money. This week we received a letter from Midland (MCM). They "purchased" the account and is the new "servicer" of this obligation. They offered the standard three plan option. Plan 1: Settle in Full (note "settle") for 40% Off for $2465.53 (would have been nice if it was $1600 like the Client Services offered) Plan 2: 25 % Off for 6 payments Plan 3: 10% Off for 12 payments Says "We will notify credit bureaus the debt is PAID IN FULL".* (on the back of the letter the "*" reads - "No credit reporting will occur if the federal reporting period has expired". Does that mean SOL? I haven't DV'd, yet. I still have time before the 30 days is up. Sears is on CRA as charge/off $4001. CA/JDB are not showing on CR yet I disputed Sears with CRA and plan to send 623 if verified. 2nd problem is Verizon. DOFD 9/08. Reporting as Charge off with balance of $551. From reading here, I thought that if a balance is shown with OC that is hasn't been sold. Right? Well, we received letters from CBCS. I guess they are CA. They "are authorized" to offer settlement of 50%. They show balance due of $717.35 (offer of 50% is $358.) I assume the increase from $551 is fees, etc. This letter was from October 09, don't know if offer still stands or if they still have it. And lastly, G C Services (Dish Network is OC) is reporting on CRA "collection account" $222. Letter sent from G C in Sept. 09. One letter, we didn't respond, nothing since. All are well within the SOL, (except, lates are scheduled to come off next year, are they worth disputing?). Here's the thing, I've been reading alot on this forum and know the process. Dispute DV/623, redispute, rack up violations. DV/follow up, redispute, etc. etc. But, being that we have a time frame of only a couple months, and have the money to settle if necessary, what would be your advise? I haven't had luck with the PFD scenario with my creditors. I am looking for the quickest and best results road for DH. I have disputed the negatives and have a week before results are do to come back. I didn't dispute the lates yet (I didn't want to do too many disputes at once). Can I send a dispute on other TL's while there is one pending? Please help, or if someone recommends maybe I talk to an independent mortgage broker or agent? I've heard mortgage scores are different than FICO's and hopefully higher. Is that right? I appreciate anyone's help, very, very, much! BTW, I just read the entire Bronson & Migliaccio thread and boy is my head spinning!! You guys are very clever! For my credit situation, I am in the long haul and plan to use every technique available and will enjoy the battle, but for DH and our situation right now, I need his score raised quicker. Thanks!
  10. They called today to ask what was up. I told her "my credit counselor" told me to offer them $500 as paid in full and of course I would need it all in writing. She said she would see if they would take that amount. This time she didn't ask for any money upfront "to bring to them". She said it would take a couple days. We'll see what happens. I asked her to email me the offer.
  11. Thanks, that's what I want to do. They told me they can't negotiate on behalf of Chrysler. They want me to send them $320 and they will "take that to Chrysler" and see if they accept it as paid in full. I think they are totally full of crap! But Im not sure how to handle it next.
  12. I just got this email from them. Imperial Credit Systems, Inc. 125 N Parkside Dr. Ste. 302 Colorado Springs, CO 80909 1-888-240-3954 FAX 719-473-4968 October 29, 2009 XXmy nameXX XXaddressXX Re: Chrysler Financial Account Number: xxxxxxxxx Balance: $2182.61 Reference Number: xxxxx Dear xxxxxxxxxx, Please be advised that Chrysler Financial has referred the above-mentioned account to our office for collections. Imperial Credit Systems, Inc. and Chrysler Financial will accept $873.04 as full and complete settlement on the above-mentioned account. Payment is due in our office on or before 11/30/09. Upon receipt of good funds Imperial Credit Systems, Inc. will report this account as “satisfied” to Chrysler Financial. This communication is from a debt collector and is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose. Please contact our office upon receipt of this letter. Sincerely, Elizabeth Jenkins Hrs: M-Th 8am-8pm MST Fr 8am-5pm MST Sat 8am-12pm MST :: What do you think????
  13. Hi, I am trying to settle a debt with Chrysler Financial. I sent them PFD letter offering $320 for a past amount owed of $2182. I received no response. I called Chrysler today and was "transferred" to ICS (CA). The said they were authorized to accept $873. and that it would report as paid as agreed. I asked if they would take the $320 offer back to Chrysler. They said that if I posted the payment (of $320) they would then send a memo to Chrysler with it asking if they would accept that as paid in full. And if Chrysler did not accept the $320, they would count it towards the $873. settlement offer. They are supposed to be emailing me something regarding the original $873 offer, but not the $320 that they will "take" to Chrysler to see if it is accepted. I highly doubt that it will be accepted. Has anyone heard of this before? I am willing to pay more, but I want to be careful. I still have the car, just not the title. ICS said once I have the title I could sell the car for scrap (it's a piece of S%*T) and recoup some of my money. No kidding! What do you guys think? ::
  14. Hello! Let me understand this, If I have a CA on my credit report from Verizon and the DOFD is over two years ago, and the CA is currently sending me letters demanding payments and/or offering settlement then they (the CA) are in violation and can be sent a letter demanding deletion, etc. Has this worked for anyone?!? Can I use your letter trueq?