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  1. Hmm, I take it back on convergent claiming to own the debt. Relooking it over as I was writing up my letter . I notice its actually Galaxy Asset Purchasing. I have never heard of them have any of you? Should I try to look up GAP address and mail a letter to them as well? Or should letter convergent cover when they try to get someone else?
  2. Well, maybe my thinking is wrong here. In this case the debt was not ever even valid. So I figure the 30 day rule on dispute for them to consider it valid. So I figure I just basically simple line of dispute and C&D. I don't figure not disputing they may try to make something out of something that never existed.
  3. Their letter has changed a little from what was posted in this thread, http://www.creditinfocenter.com/community/topic/323745-zombie-convergent-lvnv-settlement-offer/ I was not sure if I should of posted this in the above thread or start my own as its about my situation. If mod feels it better to all be in one thread please move it. Wording is very similar with one big change. They claim to be collecting for someone, but nowhere in the letter does it state who they are collecting for. As I did like Idea of instead disputing with LVNV, but in this case they are not mentioned anywhere. I have two addresses the one on the upper right. A pobox and the direct address to Convergent. I am assuming the direct address is probably better with a simple dispute and C&D ?
  4. yeah I got a letter in the mail so I am working up my reply to them. I think my old letter is just to long for now days . I am working up a new one right now. Maybe some care to help ill PM it to them and they can tell me what they think thanks for the replies willingtocope =)
  5. Ok, that is what I thought, just figured after the odd coment I read I should ask. looking a the two ive used in the past neither I think fits me here. The one is over complicated on what you want them to provide in the dispute. The other goes into SOL (which I dont think the debt even accurate) so to me SOL is pointless to talk abou if the debt not even one of the debts past SOL. Anyone have some links to some simple dispute templates I can make one up that would fit this sort of scenario?
  6. Well, Felt like posting since its been forever anyways =). I think I am just going to mail my standard dispute letter, but not sure to meantion SOL as any debts I had are long past SOL at this point. Doing a google this company seems pretty sleazy. The debt does not fit any debt I recall ever having so that is why I think I might should leave the SOL out. Don't want to admit to something that was never mine to begin with. In my googles I found something interesting about someone saying to sign dispute letters? I have never signed my letters in the past. Is that somethign you are suppose to do ? I figured last thing I wanted was somethign for them to try forge my signiture off of. I don't collectors ever signing I usually just hav e my name at the end of the letter. SO would like to know legally on the signing part? ANy thoughts much appreciated and I need to remember to check back here more often always enjoyed the conversations =)
  7. We have good credit. the dilema we get into with loans is the 3000 limit with SSI. I wanted to try to do an IDA for the down payment of a house, but have not been able to find any offered in my county. My wife disability is getting worse and the apt we are renting is not safe for her. I really need to get her in a home so I can alter it for safety. Any programs you know of that would help with a house loan and that please let me know. I live in the state of california.
  8. time repairs your credit really the 7 year mark their in most cases really no magic just be patient
  9. In my own opinion and I would wait for people smarter then me. 1. I am confused on you appealed with the insurance company as in was it settled and paid or what? As I am confused on what you are trying to get here and usually I am really good at understanding what people are getting at. 2. no violation as far as I know course could vary of state etc etc. They can offer settlements even durring or after a suit. 3. could have some violations here on yelling at you and that, but not enough to get a lawyer on and you need start.
  10. munching on popcorn and I guess bumping you back to the top as honestly this is really interesting to see what happens here.
  11. well I did a google and two that I looked up from what I can tell came up 3 years so unless its changed law recently. Colorado Statutes of Limitations Colorado Debt Collection - Statutes of Limitations - Colorado Springs Attorney Robert D. Gustafson
  12. Had to make similar decisions close to a decade ago. In your case I would definitely talk to an attorney just to double check all your options. is the debt more business related or personal personal also can make a big difference on your options BTW. their are also bunch odd BK options out their you may want to double check to make sure that is going to goof you up.
  13. Please let us know how it goes, was interesting according to clark howard the other day. The newyork times did article on accuracy of junk collectors. A lawyer who does around 100 of these cases a day stated that, 90% of jdb court cases are inaccurate. quite amazing really. Problems Riddle Moves to Collect Credit Card Debt - NYTimes.com
  14. A hard pull in most intense happen when you apply for a loan. A soft pull on your credit occurs when someone is simply viewing your credit. Its really a matter of how they inquire on your credit. Although with recent lawsuit of a company I cant mention, it is becoming questionable rather soft pulls can be done by everyone without permission. Banks can do soft inquiries, usually that is how they figure out who is getting pre approvals in the mail. The big difference to the consumer is a soft pull does not effect your credit score at all. A hard pull on your credit does effect your credit score.
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