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  1. This section is for entries ONLY. Everything else goes in the other ROTW3 thread.
  2. I think the most improtant when buying a house is too consider the surroundings and especially the infrastructure of the region, the crime rate etc. You should feel safe in your new house.
  3. I need an mp3 cutter and i can find one anywhere Can somebody help? Thanks
  4. You want to file bankruptcy on a cash advance? Chapter 7 is all assets and all debts. You cant pick and choose which ones.
  5. Wow Thats quite a list I started working on a list last night, but its too much work since i have never kept a list before so I was just going by memory. I think this weekend i might go out and make a complete list of everything... but then again i am lazy and might give up after a few minutes
  6. Can you negotiate with your credit card companies so that you can pay a lower rate?
  7. I have a friend who is 60 days late on their 1st mtg and just became 60days late w/ the 2nd. The 1st mtg is working with the borrower but the 2nd mtg AGF has started foreclosure proceedings. I was shocked by this because they still owe 400k on the 1st and only 20k on the 2nd. How or is it really possible for the 2nd mtg to take back the home? and by the way the home is probably valued in at 410k.. Any thoughts on this by anyone???
  8. Hello all, I have been planning of taking a mortgage loan and in this perspective I have been getting the necessary information. What are the necessary requirements that are required to get qualified for a mortgage?
  9. I was offered a way to not pay PMI by borrowing the addition money as a home equity loan on the house I plan to buy. The mortgage company actually offered the home equity loan to me to avoid PMI, completely their idea. Basically the money from the home equity loan will go to reach the 20 on the mortgage. This is very rare I know, but I dont understand how they would do this. Anybody ever heard of this before?