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  1. yea.. of course its up to webmaster... he is the webmaster after all.. But that does not stop us users from having a opinion...
  2. Not good. They will report you to the credit bureaus and will send you to collections. This will also ruin your credit score. Can you pay at least the minimum?
  3. About 7 years ago i lost my job, due to this situation my credit was worsended. Now my charge off credit shows on my credit bad credit. I have a several questions, If I buy a home 7 years 180 days later, will the collection company,the bankcredit card be able to take my home away from me? 7 years 180 days later will my bad credit, charge offs, be vanished atomaticlly? Before i buy a home or car i would like to know the answers to the questions listed above, can you please help me? Thank you, BEVHILLSMAN ops: ops:
  4. I would write a letter to the collection agency asking that all further correspondence be via letter. Dont call them any more They have caller ID you know. I would try to go back to the county where the debt was originated and see if he owes it. Shesh and the fact that its 12 years old would worry me too. Statue of limitations?
  5. and if enough of those accumulate, no doubt theyd recommend you for expulsion. Arent they sweet?
  6. Dont all applications have to have been sent to the referees already? as they have to fill in the reference...
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